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Twilight Can Science

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Published: March 2, 2014
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Yeah, yeah, I know. They'd rattle around in the jar and Pinkie forgot to poke airholes in it and yadda yadda. Still a better plan with a few preparations.

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I don't think Twilight can actually science, and Pinkie is part of my proof of the matter.
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JojoDaggerbackHobbyist Traditional Artist
You know the jar thing would make a lot more sense than turn them to breezies Giggle 

I remember someone has compared the breezies going to Equestria to humans going to space or other dangerous place, because it was a needed trip and was dangerous. Well, we are smart enough to use a vessel of some sort(like a ship or a submarine) or build a safe path(like a tunnel) seems like the breezies didn't have figured that yet :D (Big Grin) 
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Pinkamena Mode Activate!
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Referencing to her face in the last panel.
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Xemnas-samaHobbyist General Artist
That was quite mean Twilight.
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gogeta17Hobbyist General Artist
i would've gone with pinkie's plan. twilight's gave me nightmares and it still does.
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Lol Twilight's face in the third panel is priceless! :XD:
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lunaisbestpony1Hobbyist Writer
She's all like 'no. fuck that shit.'
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Sandpath11Hobbyist General Artist
Twilight, magic and science are not the same thing.
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they are in Equestria... and in Asgard
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Don't argue with science.
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I got the blue breezie!  I put it in a jar!

(pretty sure all you know where that's from. o3o)
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XD To be fair, Pinkie has a point.
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Bropony2010Hobbyist Digital Artist
Could fit for a youtube Video.
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StargazeAndSundanceHobbyist General Artist
"Science" => "My spell"

I love metajokes, good one here. And appealing artstyle.
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StormAlchemist15Hobbyist Writer
Screw Science! I'm PINKIE PIE!!

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HaloPrimeHobbyist Digital Artist
....I can't believe I ignored the fact that they could have been delivered in a box/jar...
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Pinkie needs to lock SCIENCE in a magic proof jar and dump it into the ocean.
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You caught a breezy! It should come in really handy!
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Don't you want to SCIENCE?
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Yuki-RHobbyist Traditional Artist
i love this
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I still love that the Breezies were basically Feegles without the mouse skulls and kilts.
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ThaylienHobbyist Digital Artist

Sea Breeze definitely seemed like he had a Pln, after all.
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OR...we can use a Rube Goldberg machine,nice'n'easy. (not so nice,because of the jar.and not so easy,because it's kinda complicated to make one of those machines.)
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