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A taum made fo cables and wires, I personally really love the cracked fur and skin showing the cables below that make up the muscles of this taum.

This taum is (c) :iconhyrulezelda4:
Taums are (c) of :iconhap-py:


Taums are avian monsters that have two mouths; one is a beak, which can be inspired by the beak of any bird, and the other is a toothy mouth inspired by that of any beast, from bear-like fangs and boar tusks to rows of shark teeth. They have thick arms that end in bear-like claws, which can slice through the toughest of materials (e.g. dragon scales, metal, diamond). Underneath the big claws are dexterous human-like hands that can allow the taum to grasp onto objects. Their body type and structure is similar to that that of a human, including their legs and feet. They can run in a bipedal stance if preferred, but for speed they will often run on all fours. 

Their purpose is very strange one: it is to find a place where they belong. Many are hermits, traveling from worlds, planes, dimensions, and space to find somewhere that is just perfect for them. At birth they will find themselves in a random place – it may or may not be the perfect place, but it’s always the beginning. 

​ Since the way they are capable of traveling is a bit unconventional, the theory of parallel universes doesn’t work with taums. While there may be different versions of the same humans, animals, and places in different parallel universes, no such duplication can occur with taums. There is always only one of each individual taum, all across the dimensions and planes. No copies of an individual can exist.

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Incrível seus personagens parabéns!
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YES long baby, precious
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thank you so much shina! 
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You fool
This isn't a Taum
This is a big, STRONK sexy dragon
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thank you so much! 
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Long taums are so good :heart: I need to draw this handsome bab sometime soon if I can. I love the little touches of gold coming through the wires in the abdomen Cyn.
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Xdd long taums are fun! 
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still adore the colours of this one a lot
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