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Moment #3
You are God.
Now then, since we have that sorted.
This is always a doubt of that but it's true.

Now, drinking the bittersweet taste of satisfaction as you gaze at the world in front of you, your ears rattle at the monotone beep of your receiver. You'd thought you'd unplugged that damned machine by now but alas; it's on. Again.
A strained sigh and the lukewarm taste of Arabica gurgles your insides, dissipating as yet another beep resonates once again in your stark white room. 
You question your drive to redecorate, "Hmm, maybe some daisies" or "Oh a sofa sounds nice" but now you're back lazing on the floor. Scattered messes of paperwork are left unsorted and frankly, there's just too many for you to bother with. Always another ten thousand or so per day, you've really given up on the aspect f finishing them. Sure, you have the paper machine somewhere but it's most likely buried in those stacks of death counts.
You know if you weren't
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Moment #2
Sometimes I want to be coloured in someone else's shades. So I can feel how they fell. How they understand the world so differently than mine. How they see the world through their own eyes. Experience things in a new perspective, in their perspective.
But I know that's selfish and a little stupid. Because I am my own person and they are too.
Sometimes I just want to become someone else, before sometimes I don't love myself.
But that'll never happen. But I can wish, can't I? Before these arms of mine become loose and break.
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moment #1
Moment #1
Sometimes I wonder why I’m here. Is it because I’m fated to live this path, or whether everything was just one big accident that just made me end up where I am. I don’t like to think about the fact it could be both, because an accident fated to happen sounds just so…
Saying that I don’t want to feel this way is an understatement, but isn’t it human nature to have these emotions sometimes? I don’t know, I’m rambling again aren’t I?
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Please respect me using They/Them pronouns. Thank you.

Hi. Call me Hao. Just a side account to another dA account. Using this just so I don't spam my main account, freely upload some other stuff here like perhaps uploading lit as well as other finished works I don't want to spam to my main.

Thank you for reading.


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