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Silver Surfer colors

And I'm done, nice and shiny like!!!
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Exceptional! I am stunned by how you created the space background. It looks digital or something. Is there a trick to it? It seems so complex and detailed.
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Yeah its all digital made by using brushes with different textures to create the effect. I didnt want to go the route of using a picture in my background, id rather prefer to paint stuff.
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fabulous!!great work!!
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Well done!

As I've stated before, not one of my top favorite characters but I'd read and buy a book with this look to it. 

Got kind of a Mark Brooks thing going on there. Very cool stuff...keep it up. 

I suggest that you get in there and submit your work. Build up a sample page set from a classic Surfer story and post it in your gallery here and show it off. 
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once i'm done with my current sling of commissions, i plan on looking for comic book scripts to work from and start submitting my stuff. I wanted to make sure my style and level of detail was there first before I started storytelling.
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That's understandable. 

If you put in the same level of effort for your storytelling that you have in your art, you will go far.
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Bad ass my friend!!!
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Thanks, I tried to make him badass looking since he is so fricking powerful.
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Well you succeeded my friend. He looks awesome! :)
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nice! Would love a chance to color this masterpiece myself. With respect and permission of course! As well as a link!
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Sure go for it!
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