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So, I stumbled across this guy on dA a while back by the name of *Raindropmemory, a fellow from Thailand who does illustration of the extraordinarily adorable variety. However, what I was interested in were the icon packs he'd made in response to what he called a growing boredom with all the gleaming and shining icons for current operating systems out there.

Drawn by hand and painted in watercolor I thought the icons were beautiful in their warmth and organic feeling, and so I decided to try and go about making my own. Mainly I did this out of shameless imitation, but also because I wanted my dock to look as jazzy as my desktop folders did. Well, I don't have any sort of budget for watercolor, so I did the next best thing: Corel Painter. Since I'm still learning its ins and outs I thought I'd use it for this exercise in logo and icon design.

Thus, after quite some time in the workings, I bring you dA, to share and use as you like so long as you don't misappropriate who made them, my very first icon set. I call it Purple Lines, and it's inspired mainly by the aesthetic of this particular set here. Hopefully, I'm ripping him off in tribute.

P.S. Download to snag em'.
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First of all, I'm a big fan of RM and I didn't RM's a guy. 2nd, this looks legit good and I'm quite glad of RM's influence on your artwork. I can clearly see you have your own style which is great because I know you don't want to end up being "just a copy". I think you found your own style in the process. Kudos to you on that. I hope you try making cursors and more icon designs in the future. Will be watching you from here on out. 
Keep it up mate! :D