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Man of La Mancha II - Sancho

By Hanyuse
Wow, I did not mean to drop the ball like that. I had intended to keep updating for a few days straight at least. And it wasn't even for a very good reason either. A little insight into my past two days if you will: playing videogames. I know, it's a terrible excuse, but it's the truth. I rarely play videogames during schooltime and as such I am pretty far behind the curve. So, for the past two days I kind of had my life swallowed by them for a bit…

Now that that's over with we can get to the imprtant stuff. This is picture number two in the Man of La Mancha series: Sancho Panza. As we can see the amicable neighbor was also treated to the same experimental style as Aldonza, although with some differing results. I really hate how the hands came out, but I kind of gave up after a while. Otherwise, I'm fully open to your comments and critiques.

And I am getting to all those messages and deviations… eventually…

Line from the song "A Little Gossip"
Part I- Dulcinea
Part III- Don Quixote
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SweetMcGurran's avatar
That is my favorite Musical ever! look at my sig!! (its a little different but still)
Hanyuse's avatar
Mine as well. And indeed, I actually misquoted the song, but got most of the gist hopefully.
Hokusai's avatar
Hahahaha! Sancho is commonly represented as a short stocky guy... but in the book he is never despicted as such. Great job ;D
Hanyuse's avatar
Thanks. Simple he may have been, but not necessarily fat. I thank you for your comment on my rethinking.
BroadwayBabyXXX's avatar
I like it, I think Sancho should be a bit rounder though
Hanyuse's avatar
He is generally depicted as such, yes. Although I always wondered if he couldn't be thinner, being a farmer and all. That's a lot of heavy labor.
BroadwayBabyXXX's avatar
yeah that's true... love the quote though, although my favorite quote from the musical is "To Be Willing to March into Hell For a Heavenly Cause" from The Impossible Dream...
Hanyuse's avatar
Ah, that song has a lot of quotable quotes. It really gets to me when I listen to it, especially the reprise. Oh, if you're interested I finally submitted the last of the trio, don Quixote himself. If you're not, that's fine. You just seemed to like the others of the set.
BroadwayBabyXXX's avatar
it does me too... it's my favorite song to play on my piano... it's so beautiful, even the melody, beyond the lyrics, but the lyrics really just get to you...
Benalene's avatar
A bunch of people are putting on that musical here in Huntsville. I just saw an ad for it, and thought of your work.
Hanyuse's avatar
Ho ho! I am now a reference point for thought, this is good. I haven't seen the musical in years, well except for the Peter O'Toole movie version.
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