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Man of La Mancha II - Sancho

Wow, I did not mean to drop the ball like that. I had intended to keep updating for a few days straight at least. And it wasn't even for a very good reason either. A little insight into my past two days if you will: playing videogames. I know, it's a terrible excuse, but it's the truth. I rarely play videogames during schooltime and as such I am pretty far behind the curve. So, for the past two days I kind of had my life swallowed by them for a bit…

Now that that's over with we can get to the imprtant stuff. This is picture number two in the Man of La Mancha series: Sancho Panza. As we can see the amicable neighbor was also treated to the same experimental style as Aldonza, although with some differing results. I really hate how the hands came out, but I kind of gave up after a while. Otherwise, I'm fully open to your comments and critiques.

And I am getting to all those messages and deviations… eventually…

Line from the song "A Little Gossip"
Part I- Dulcinea
Part III- Don Quixote
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That is my favorite Musical ever! look at my sig!! (its a little different but still)