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Oatkuthon 2012 Stash

By HanuWabbit
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My stash from this year's con. Thank you so much to all those artists who gave me giftarts and art trades! I LOVE YOU ALL! :heart:

Long Ass Stash list:

1.) Acrylic Keychains from :icont3hb33: ; Lamdba, Limited Edition Devotia Guardians and Toris.

2.) Kurama keychain from :iconcehem: ; I friggin love Kurama and you're the only one who has YYH stuff!

3.) 16 Quest manga from :iconcareko: ; Can't wait for the next one! It's really cute! XD

4.) A very cute Pabu button from the artist who came to our table before we took our picture. If anybody knows her DA, please tell me because I never had the chance to ask her. =/

5.) Charm bottles from :iconnatzuki-san: ; You spoil me much hun. I'm glad the sparkly one didn't get lost or break ;A;

6.) Anibean charms from :icontarahm: ; I love them so much and the fact they got my 2 fave colors *A*

7.) Kiwi Pie and Green Macaroon from :iconnatzuki-san: ; that's why you don't make broccoli macaroons. They tend to fail. XD

8.) Tales of Graces Button set from :iconshunjin: ; You're so nice to give me a whole set *A* I shall repay you awesomeness next year at AN!

9.) Utena and Anthy, Prussia buttons from :icontarahm: ; These buttons are the most awesome! I don't understand why they got ignored ;A;

10.) Tales of the Abyss and Penguin Coffee buttons from :iconnatzuki-san: ; HA HA HA. and they're green. Big bonus in my kokoro. *derp*

11.) Yuri, Flynn and Repede buttons from :iconbrandedsage: ; You're a very nice Flynn person, I just wished I went to your table earlier T3T

12.) A surprise Toris button giftart from :iconpeachmaiden: ; She gave to me prior to the con when she went to my place to make buttons. ILU ;u;

13.) Yuri and Flynn Onigiri from :iconbrandedsage: ; If they were real onigri's I'd nom them =w= They're so adorable *A*

14.) I got the chance to buy a few skin tone color Copics at the con. I partially regret not buying more than those. ;A;

15.) A surprise Toris Print from my twin :iconlittleriyu: ; I really didn't expect this. I'm crying inside when I saw this. Thank you so much for the cookies as well. They were very good! ;u;

16.) Ion/Synce and Kami-sama/Elcie print art trade with :iconlavender-ice: ; These are very cute! I'm glad we did an art trade *A*/

17.) Harvey/Lazlo and Richard/Asbel prints from :iconshunjin: ; I can't get enough of your yummy art ;3; And the fact you draw a very sexy Lazlo. I'm commissioning you a Lazlo's ass cake for my birthday!!! LOL!!!

18.) Toddler!Miki and Striper in a box Zelos from :iconnatzuki-san: ; Dat cute Miki...it meltssss!!! Zelos in a box: OHHHH MAMA~

19.) Kuroko no Baske Doujin + bonus print from :iconangeeya: ; I'm spazzing LOL.

20.) Watercolor Toris commission from :iconshunjin: ; ASHKSJHDSJKHDSF I love it so much~ :heart:

21.) Toris x Florian commission from :iconangeeya: ; Aughhhh the feels~ it's sexy fufufufu~

...andddddd that's it. I missed a lot of artists whom I was suppose to do Art Trade with. I didn't even get the chance to check every table. I hope we can do it next year!
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yeah I think I was the only one to have YYH too but I love this manga so much! And Kurama is my favorite character. <3
You get a lot of stuff. :D All nice art!
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Wow that's a lot of stuff I especially like the paku button the bottles of glitter look cool too. All those pictures especially the last one is really awesome!!~ *I think I might have just become a Toris x Florian fan..* :iconblushplz:
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FUUUUUUUU- UTENA BUTTONS? Wish i'd seen that T-T
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Lol that's a lot of stuff Riyunah~ I like the little bottles of glitter stuff! :heart:
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I love making surprise drawing for friend :D <3
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