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fooPlacebo 0.9a

fooPlacebo 0.9 for foobar 1.0+

Installation notes:
1) extract [fooPlacebo.rar] file to foobar installed folder
2) run foobar, go to File>Preferences, in Display>ColumnsUI, Import the fooPlacebo.fcl file to install the config
3) Go to View>Show toolbars and uncheck

0.80b Change Log
--- Scanline mode
--- Bigger mode Button
--- Tooltip
--- Added Quicksearch Toolbar 1.8
--- Minor bug fixed

0.9 Change Log
--- Playback order button
--- Color Theme
--- Biography Panel
--- Zune Style Mini Mode

--- Single track issue fixed
--- Small rating tag

Audio File Icons by ingver

Background wallpaper
by =lassekongo83
by *MediaDesign
© 2010 - 2021 hanulbi
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Hi! I love this skin but how can I disable the albumart on the ELplaylist? I want it like simple foobar playlist without any picture. Just songs name and artist.

PD: Sorry for my english :)
Hi! I love this skin but how can I disable the albumart on the playlist? I want it like simple foobar playlist, just songs' names, artist and album. No pictures.

PD: Sorry for my english :)

how can I change volume design from dB to between 0 and 100?
I don't understand functions for this.

And change from lyric 2 to lyric show?
dude,you can change in layout.
hello,dude! have you updete this skin,if you not, I want to do some change with fooPlacebo 0.9a but i don't know JS much better .can you sent me a instructions with your skin code via mail.


a better skin for everyone!
OK...just found this skin and I love it.

Only one thing...any way to have the volume control on the Zune style mini mode? Having to switch back to the full mode to access it is pretty awkward and annoying.

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It's great and I love it, but I'm having a problem. How do I remove a song from a playlist?
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Update Lyric show 3 plzzzz :D
AlinElRene's avatar
You could simply change in the Layout Menu. It works for me.
how can you do it? Explain pls
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Great skin.
Sadly, Lyric 2 is not updated to Lyric 3. I'm trying my best to change the panel to play with Lyric 3, but I fail miserably at it. I don't know how to modify foobar.
Still, great work. And thanks.
Hoping you see this.
How i can change the colour of the font? Someone can tell me please...
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Click Playlist Tab, Move your cursor to empty space inside the playlist, Right Click on it and click Setting. Or Simply press Ctrl + P, Columns UI, Layout tab, in the Preset tab click ElPlaylist and click Configure.
On Script tab this should be Track List tab and Group Tab.

In Track List tab:
$font(Tahoma,8,) //You just need to change this to other font, Calibri for example, 8 is size)
$drawtextex([%discnumber%.]%tracknumber%,18,1,31,%el_height%,0-0-0,hcenter vcenter)
$drawtextex([%discnumber%.]%tracknumber%,17,0,31,%el_height%,183-183-183,hcenter vcenter)
Just edit any number the 183-183-183 is color hex which represent grey color.
Just do the same with other Group Tab and search for those triplets number (the 0-0-0 and so on).
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i dont know what i do!! but i have for example 4 albums with covers ... and the covers its change. . i listen hip hop for example and the cover its of the trance music for example ... dunno whats happen :(( !!! help me please.
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It's a great skin, but my only real critique is that it's a little annoying/distracting that the library opens in a new window.
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Thanks for making this skin. I like it a lot!
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Awesome Skin!
Is there a possibility to increase the width of the right column (where the Album Art, Biography, etc. sits)?
I can't seem to find a function for that...
this is an awesome skin you made, but is there any way to remove that part? [link]
I love love love this skin, because I have been able to customize with my own images, however there is one serious flaw that I can't figure out how to fix: in the main view, the track time is way too small! You can't even read it!

Check it out:

Any idea on how to make the whole bar bigger including the font?
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Now panel Lyric 2 is not work. Plzz update panel lyric 3 to fix it
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Hi! Awesome Skin. Design very clean. I just want to know if there is a way to full maximize de screen when pressing the mini-full icon. Thanks!
It's really awesome. The best skin for foobar I ever tried. Welldone!!!
It's really awesome. The best skin for foobar I ever tried. Welldone!!!
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