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PS Concepts: AT Tank Thor

By hansime
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One of many (fan!) vehicle concepts I did for Planetside. Note that this concept features the official Core Combat conceptart layout, but of course isn't official.

Considering Sony Online Entertainment spends about minus zillion money on Planetside, it'll never be either.

This particular concept shows off the deployable Ancient Tech Anti-Tank unit I dubbed Thor. It's designed to house two players, one pilot and one gunner. It's supposed to fire the same energy orbs an Ancient Sentry Turret does with its Thor cannon. Firing strong, but low rate of fire orbs when undeployed, it's best suited to fight slower units. I'd like it to be extra strong against Battle Frame Robotics (BFR) shields. Its downside is that it can only aim forward in a limited way, meaning the pilot has to help by aiming the tank and is vulnerable when engaged from the rear or sides. As it can hover, it can cross water (at reduced speed) and strafe.

When deployed, the tank becomes stationary, but the turret becomes freely rotatable. The rate of fire goes up while the orb strength is reduced. This allows it to double as anti-air and anti-infantry, while reducing its effectiveness against tanks. In this mode, it should deal extra damage to the Galaxy Gunship compared to other aircraft.

It can recharge its ammo at a Repair Silo (when Dropship Center (DSC) is linked or a Vehicle Crystal (in caves). Otherwise its dependend on ammo boxes you can only get at a Vehicle Moduled base.


Type: Ancient Tech
Role: Anti-Tank (mobile)/Anti-Air (deployed)
Certification Required: Armoured Defense 2 (doesn't exist yet)
Empire: Common Pool
Primary Weapon: Thor Energy Cannon
Secondary Weapon: -
Ammunition: Thor Energy Cannon Ammunition
Occupants: 2 (Driver, 1 Gunner)
Handling: Good
Top speed: 63 kph (40 kph over water) - (same as ES Deli Variants!)
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I'm sure the title had something to do with it being interesting! ;)
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PlanetSide... brings back memories.
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Didn't you play on TR Werner? :o
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No, NC.

At least under the name ITOS.
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Cause I do recall seeing your name around, though I don't think we chatted a lot. *ponders* Nordic?
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Nordic NewCon Special Force, yes.

Good memory, personally I have trouble remembering even the name of the continents (or planets, as they became).
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Yeah I got you confused with THOS for a second there. :)
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