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DW Transformers G1 Iss.11 Pg.9

Pencils: DON Figueroa
Colors: Me

Never published page from Dreamwave's Transformers G1 Issue 11 (Page 9), thanks to Don for sharing the lineart. <3

The fembots on a mission for the Quintessons (they're not Autobots at this time but Quintesson Elite Forces) have just kicked Hot Rod's tail and Chromia took him to Quintesson through the portal. The Fembots continue to venture deeper in to the Autobot Headquarters and find their next objective: Optimus Prime (and I presume the Matrix).
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© 2005 - 2021 hansime
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such a shame we will never know where this story was going. would love if someone, someday would pickup the rights and finish the storyline.

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This looks really good
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Any chance to see the whole batch colored?
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No, they wern’t all drawn as pay had stopped some time before. The ones that were drawn wern’t all released afaik.
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I know, I meant, did you color other ones from those Don shared?
hansime's avatar
From the official stuff just the fembots pinup, didn’t receive any other pages to colour.
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Fantabulous artwork!!!
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It's to bad this company went bankrupt when the series was just starting to pick back up.
TFMUGENneedstohappen's avatar
Well, that's what happens when you work with Pat Lee.
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their pretty obsessed with Optimus Primes handsome figure
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Man, I miss this Transformers comic, nice coloring job.
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Thats cool!! May I ask where did you find the comic book strip? Pretty please with a cherry on top?!!!
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I didn't 'find' it, :icondonfig: drew it, knew it wouldn't get published anymore and thus offered it to me for colouring. :)

Think he posted some other pages over time.
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Ok! Undestandable!!
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Man, I really wish they hadn't discontinued this. I would've loved to have found out what happened next. Great job on the colors though!
That is AWESOME!!
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Oh wow! this is really something else. Did Fig' do this art? if you have anymore please show us.
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You mean Don Figueroa? No, all mine. If Don had drawn it, I'd probably have coloured it and certainly not posted it as mine without credit.

He liked it though and thought they ought to make a proper Grandus toy once. =P
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^ Just noticed this reply which seems out of place. Think I was confused about this reply due to being posted around a lot of other posts regarding my Micromasters poster.

Yes Don Figueroa drew this image, I coloured it. :)
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Does it have anything to do with this? Link
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Is Optimus getting healed up or something? Sorry I live in the UK and I never got my hands on this comic! I heard it ended and I was like NOOOOOOOOO! an't they just get IDW to release it?
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Optimus was healing yeah. If you live in the UK you could have gotten your hand on the comic through comic shops that do US imports, that's how I got 'm here (Netherlands), but I know a lot of people in the UK got them that way.

IDW currently does their own version of the Transformers and this particular comicline was completely discontinued.
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Oh! Thanks for the tip! But still WHY DID THEY STOP! ( I know why but still) WHYYY!
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