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DON's War Within Jetfire

Pencils by Don Allen Figueroa
Inks on botmode and whole thing colored by me, with permission of course. :)

This was the concept sketch for Dreamwave's War Within Jetfire (or Skyfire ;)) design, which was based on a kitbash DON had done for his Macromaster's fancomic character, Strikefire.

Instead of using the Dreamwave colorscheme for it, I decided to use the colors on the original Jetfire toy (which came from the Macross toyline). The dirt you see comes from the pencils which I couldn't clean up very well because it'd take most of the lineart with it. This was the size I colored it on as well so it was kind of small.

Anyway, C&C on the colorscheme is very much appreciated!

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MY FAVORITE AERIALBOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kiba928's avatar
I approve of this!
TruePhazonianForce's avatar
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very nicely done!
Forgotten-Anger's avatar
I have that exact version of the toy sitting on me desk! Very nice coloring by the way, and I don't really see any dirt.
duraluminwolf's avatar
Dirt?! I don't notice ant dirt.
PrinceofPeace1237's avatar
Very awesome, Jetfire is one of the coolest autobots
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Very cool! I hope you don't mind, but I'm using this image as a reference for a profile on an RPG. [link] I'm linking to this dA page as a whole, so you still get credit. But if you have a problem with it, let me know and I'll take it off.
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Nah that's okay. :) Thanks for asking though and glad you like it! ^__^
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How can I not like anything with The Don's magic touch attached to it? ;p You did a great coloring job with it.
TheHiddenPhoenix's avatar
cool it realy looks like the valkierys from macross two, the metal siren
Taiya001's avatar
this is very nice
great job on the detail
and i dont see any smudges so you are fine
Osprey-Hawk's avatar
It's the Titanium Edition Jetfire!
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Heh, yeah it was very odd to see the Titanium Jetfire toy not sport the comic colours, but basically the exact same colorscheme I did save a few details on the wing and some due to minor mold differences. o_O'

Especially funny as I did this I think even over half a year before the toy was even announced, let alone produced, and the comic version differs a LOT, so I've always wondered if they did an art search and found this one and figured this was the official one, OR had the same idea that I had. O.o'
Osprey-Hawk's avatar
Might've been a mixture of both. The Titanium Jetfire does have folding landing gear on the legs and the front one on the abs. Plus the left arm armor is reversed from the drawing. Also the chest was mirrored and extra missles added.

I uploaded a picture of my Titanium and Gen 1 Jetfire. [link]
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that rocks! :D *faves*
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Shit, what a babe! Just thinkin about those turbo thrusters . . .
Thunor's avatar
Never seen that one before o.O
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i really love the concept, u should show how things transform
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Geat pic!!!

This guy looks soooo damn cool
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theres one thing I wondered about that jetfire is he wearing armour???
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Partially, yes. The shield like parts on his arms were taken off in the actual comic *though by another artist, Andrew Wildman instead of Don*. The head for Jetfire is a helmet that goes over the Skyfire face we know from the cartoon, which is a tribute to the toy. *The toy was a Robotech Valkyrie and was therefore not allowed to be seen on show or in comic, leading to the Skyfire design*
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