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DON's Fembots

Pencils: DON Figueroa
Background/Colors: me
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© 2005 - 2021 hansime
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Elita-1 can deal with Decepticons; she knows no fear. ;)
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Nice work. I really HATED it when the comic was cancelled right BEFORE they debuted. Lost interest in the series after that (that and economic issues),.
HellboysLady's avatar
I really like this, I sure wish they did not Cancel the comics. ><
Spirited13's avatar
:wow: nicely drawn!!!! :wow:
hansime's avatar
Just for the record, the colours and background are mine, the lines were drawn by :icondonfig: :)
BadLamprey's avatar
Oh man, why can't we get a Generations Elita-1 that looks like that?
hansime's avatar
You should ask Hasbro why they don't use :icondonfig:'s design then. :P
Sagitari-Seiza-1213's avatar
Lovely lighting and coloring! I like Firestar's pose. ^_^
I couldn't help but notice that Elita's head has a different design than what I usually see online. Is that Don's special style?
Nicely done! ^_0
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Yeah, this was how Don drew them for Dreamwave. :) It would have been part of the More Than Meets The Eye Datatracks (a sort of extra edition with special characters).
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outstanding work, do you take commissions?
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Hiya, I do take commissions, but atm I'm a bit too preoccupied with university for at least a month. :/
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Ok I will try you again back in mid February, basically what I want is two high quality, high resolution images of female transformers, one autobot one decepticon we can discuss price and and more specifics when your available
hansime's avatar
That should probably be possible. Just for the record though, I trust you noted that the lineart for these specific fembots was drawn by Don Figueroa :icondonfig:. I mean, I can and have drawn fembots, but my own style may be slightly different from what you see here (see other work). :)
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I have looked at your line art in your scrapbook, and your quite good, but now that you bring it up I am not sure whether or not I want to go with a full Gen 1 look to the Fem robots, or a fusion of styles. What I am asking is can you blend A G1 autobot with an Hajime Sorayama style robot. Ultimately these images will be placed onto iron ons then onto shirts that hey can wear for my niece and her roommate, and I want the robots to actually look sexy as hell
hansime's avatar
G1 blockiness with Hajime 'smooth chrome organic bodied robot/cyborginess'? Hmm... never really tried that. Would be a challenge for certain. :)
traceyp3's avatar
As I said I would like it to be some what G1, but with the flavor of smooth sexiness, maybe miltiplates that appear smooth but have a hidden function underneath, suggested but not actually shown, a challenge for sure, I would think that the plating would be along the major muscles groupings of the body as a reference
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Woah, there must have been an error on the page or something because there were NO STATS on this thing at all.

Well, that was embarrassing.
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Thanks though. ;)
Countess-Studios's avatar
*covers face in shame*
Countess-Studios's avatar
Why doesn't this deviation have any comments?

Ah well, let me be the first to say: well done.
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Love it!

Don't tick off the femme with a light sabre!
hansime's avatar
Indeed! One might get probed! D:
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i see some hotmetal there ;D mmh
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