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What's the worst that could happen?

Based on an incorrect quote I found on Tumblr. :giggle: Poor Ray. 

Am I the only one who sees drama drama potential in Ray x Maria? Because she's the mayor's daughter, and everything he has is a fishing rod (technically he also has a TV program, but still whdwhdw). Sorry. I've watched too many telenovelas xD I am a dummy! 

Maria, Ray, Adam (c) Marvelous
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awn eu shippei, eles são muito fofos!

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Muito obrigado! :love:Eu acho que todos os casais rivais desse jogo são adoráveis, dá até pena de separar eles quando você casa com alguém :'D

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Eu fico assim em stardew valley :'D kkkkkk tem um monte de casal que fico chateada de separar

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Oh yeah, my sister married her in the wii version of Magical Melody and the original 8-bit game.

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Ooh, that's awesome! :D My favorite bachelorettes from the SNES were always Ann and Ellen, so I like them a lot in Magical Melody too. ^-^

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The pic looks awesome, and I like the idea as well uwu

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