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Humanized Reginella

Reginella: Donald...
Donald: Reginella...
Reginella: Why didn't you tell me before?
Donald: I thought you didn't remember anything... I didn't want to make you suffer!
Suffering is painful... but living with our pain sometimes... helps us to be at peace with ourselves!

- L'ultima Avventura di Reginella, 2021

Just yesterday I found out there was a new comic with Reginella released last month, and I found scans online... So many mixed feelings about it. ;__; With that title, and with the final scene, it seems like it's the definite goodbye...

I had thought that when they made Donald and Reginella forget each other after "Paperino e la Regina Fuoritempo", and made her interact with Donald's relatives, they'd be keeping her as a recurring character, but apparently not. :( But I think it's good that in the end the two remembered about each other and their adventures together... *sigh*

Meh, DonRegi is still one of my Duckverse OTPs. xP

This was supposed to be a humanized screenshot redraw of the penultimate page, before Donald goes back to Earth... But I kinda hated everything except this panel, so I'm posting just this. :'D

Reginella (c) Disney
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