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Grace REF

Finally! The reference for my Magical Melody fanchar, Grace. :D She's already one year old, yet I finished her REF just now orz (I technically made one some months ago, but I hated it, so I never posted it here asdfghh)

(Legend says I will reboot my other fancharacter, Vittorio ... eventually)
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She looks so warm and cozy

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That was my intention with her design! I'm glad I could achieve that :meow:

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As roupas dela são muito fofas!! Combinam bastante com ela :3

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Muito obrigado!! Eu amo desenhar (e também designar) as roupas da Grace :squee:

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Omg she's so adorable (as always 🥺) I love how the colors is really soft and mellow which i think suits Grace a lot!!!

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Ahhh thank you kindly!! 🥰 I'm happy you like the color palette, it's one of my favorite things in her design as well, it's always fun thinking in new outfits and such. :heart:

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Nice that she has a proper ref c:

And nice about the other character who may get a full ref uwu

And I have had Yoko for 5 or so years now, but I still haven't gotten a proper pic with her alone in it where she's as tall as Ellie that I could use as a ref yet XD

And none of my PKMN/LL! OCs have their School Idol outfits either or besides Yoko, Pokémon Trainer outfits XD

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Vittorio waiting for me to reboot him:

Regarding Yoko, that's true now that I think about it :0 We're getting old xD But that's a good idea for when you find someone to request/commission ^-^

HildaSaikixFuuWhite's avatar

Nice XD

I remember that from the episode where Squidward wanted SpongeBob to join him in striking the Krusty Krab XD

And yep XD

And true c:

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Ooh, that's awesome :D I used to watch a lot of Spongebob, but now I don't remember the episodes, unfortunately D:

HildaSaikixFuuWhite's avatar

Nice, and understandable uwu

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