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[GIFT] Blue Magic

Early birthday gift for one of my best friends magedusted !! :squee: Since I usually draw Lieselotte for her birthday, I thought it would be nice if Alphonse stole her spotlight this time EVIL Laughter! (Sorry, Lotte Giggle

I think magic effects are something I still need to practice/learn, but I tried drawing Alphonse casting blue magic ^^ Hopefully it looks good?

I hope you like it, Aa-chan, and happy early birthday! :tighthug: 

Alphonse (c) magedusted 
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I am so sorry I didn't get a chance to see this yesterday. ;~; I decided to take a nap, and, when I woke up, it was late, and I had this random urge to play video games until it was bedtime. ;___;

Anyway! :D

OMSDFSDDSDG I LOVE IT! :squee: Al is SO CUTE here, and the magic effects are AWESOME! :happybounce: (I really should do more with the Blue Magic Alphonse knows, art wise. Most of my art is usually centered on Lotte. :giggle:)

Thank you for remembering my birthday, and for the gift! :tighthug: I love it!

If it's okay with you, I'll add it to ToyHouse in awhile. I'm trying to revitalize it/add all the arts people have made of my FCs in the past. C: (Will probably be tomorrow, since I'm going out later today, yeee.)

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No worries, I understand. That happens to me sometimes as well. ^^

Yee, I'm really glad you like it! :dummy: Pfft, I want to say, "Maybe Alphonse can steal the spotlight for a bit!" but I'm also guilty of drawing some OCs/fan-characters of mine more often than others, so I know where you're coming from. :giggle:

No problem, I hope you're having a wonderful day! :huggle:

Sure, of course that's fine! :D I'm trying to revive my Toyhouse as well, hehe. ^^

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He looks great in your art style x3

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