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Ask Grace3

"Y... you wouldn't do something like that to me too, right? Right??" 

Question by magedusted 's fan-character, Lotte. The first panel is drawn by her. :giggle:

I laughed when I saw the ask, but I think Grace is terrified of Lotte now. :lol: 

Lotte, Alphonse, and the art in the first panel (c) magedusted 
Grace, and the bottom panels are by me 
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Sorry for the late reply! ;-; Significant other has been off from work the past few days, and I didn't think to check dA much. ^^;


LOL! :XD: Lotte isn't bad... even if she tries to sabotage everything she comes across. :giggle:

I think my favorite part is Grace's expression at the end. Hilarious. :XD: ( I do feel bad for her, though. ;-; Harley, too. )

Thanks for answering my ask! :hug: It made my day! :D

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No worries. ^^

Heehee, I understand. :giggle: I think that afterwards, Grace would just change the subject, but she'd be thinking, "I hope I'm not the next D:" all day. :lol:

No worries, thank you for the ask! :glomp:

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I like how the ask turned out c:

And I can't believe Lotte did that to her XDD (Don't worry, Lotte as well as Alphonse are still nice characters though :>)

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I feel bad for Harley :giggle: