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An engineering student who probably should draw less and study more...

I like to drink tea and doodle, preferably both at the same time °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Icon by the amazing Plasterkat <3

Inktober 2019

1. Ring

[Day 1 - Ring] A magical stone ring inspired by my visit to Ales stenar (kind of the Stonehenge of Sweden) this summer!

2. Mindless

[Day 2 - Mindless] Those days when you're so tired you have no control over what pops into your head...

3. Bait

[Day 3 - Bait] To be continued on day 30... :o

4. Freeze

[Day 4 - Freeze] Fjord from Critical Role; the show that's my recent hyper fixation. This if a scene from Ep. 7 (Hush) where Fjord casts Armour of Agathys ( = armour made of ice) on himself. The only reason Fjord isn't my favourite character is that he doesn't tell this joke every time he casts the spell.

5. Build

[Day 5 - Build] So apparently there are these magical little critters called Bagworm Moth Caterpillars who build these amazing little houses for themselves. I am convinced they are secretly fae beings. Reference photo: link

6. Husky

[Day 6 - Husky] I mean I'm honestly more of a cat person, but man dogs can be cute some times!

7. Enchanted

[Day 7 - Enchanted] Who wouldn't get captivated by the sea, especially if it's the first time you see it? Ft. Beauregard from Critical Role (Campaign 2 Ep 33: The Ruby and the Sapphire)

8. Frail

[Day 8 - Frail] The heart is a fragile thing... 💔

9. Swing

[Day 9 - Swing] The freeing feeling of swinging will never get old

10. Pattern

[Day 10 - Pattern]️ Couldn't resist drawing Pattern from the Stormlight Archive for this!

11. Snow

[Day 11 - Snow] My take on Cicely Mary Barker's snowdrop fairy ❄

12. Dragon

[Day 12 - Dragon] 🔥 🔥 🔥

13. Ash

[Day 13 - Ash] Gotta catch 'em all!

14. Overgrown

[Day 14 - Overgrown] ...Or maybe she's just really small?

15. Legend

[Day 15 - Legend] 🗡️

16. Wild

[Day 16 - Wild] While being domesticated and (occasionally) very cuddly, my cat (see photo below) is one of the wildest things I know. Like the epitome of an apex predator.

20170527 210156 (2)
17. Ornament

[Day 17 - Ornament] Feels weird to never have drawn Riza Hawkeye before, considering how much I love her as a character. But now I've finally fixed that! (... I skipped the scars tho bc I had no idea how to draw them...)

18. Misfit

[Day 18 - Misfit] ⚔Someone's eager to become a hero... Gotta grow into that gear first though, you can't fight with a sword that doesn't fit right! (I know it's a very alternative way of reading the word misfit, but it was the idea I came up with...)

19. Sling

[Day 19 - Sling] I had a really hard time coming up with an idea for this word and then a friend told me to draw an Ewok since they have sling-weapons! Friends really are good to have sometimes!!

20. Tread

[Day 20 - Tread] When Halloween starts coming around, so does the monsters...

11. Treasure

[Day 21 - Treasure] "Treasure" is subjective. To some it's gold and jewels, to others it's sticks, buttons and shiny pieces of broken pottery! (ft. Nott the Brave from Critical Role after stealing the buttons in ep 9. "Steam and Conversation")

22. Ghost

[Day 22 - Ghost] 👻 For everyone who needs a hug (or several) these cold, dark and rainy autumn days <3

23. Ancient

[Day 23 - Ancient] 🌍 Nature is ancient and will continue with or without us. What we have to fight for is our privilege to stay

24. Dizzy

[Day 24 - Dizzy] Spinning around until you fall over from dizziness is probably one of my top 10 pastimes ✨

25. Tasty

[Day 25 - Tasty] 🍭 I love how Jester always carries around something sweet. And even if she wouldn't, she'd always have her giant magical lollipop! (ft. Jester Lavorre from Critical Role. The drawing is more or less a copy of one of laun_draws (on twitter)'s drawings)

26. Dark

[Day 26 - Dark] "I have so many flowers to bring her" (ft. Yasha and her Necrotic Shroud from Critical Role) 🌼🌼🌼

27. Coat

[Day 27 - Coat] ...And long may they reign! (ft. the coat of the magnificent Mollymauk Tealeaf from Critical Role)

28. Ride

[Day 28 - Ride] A travelling frog merchant singing about her wares (Photo by Hendy Lie. Link)

29. Injured

[Day 29 - Injured] ... And that's all the CR fanart I'm gonna be able to fit into this challenge, I think I did pretty well! This time ft. Beauregard in all her badassery!

30. Catch

[Day 30 - Catch] The continuation of day 3 ✨

31. Ripe

[Day 31 - Ripe] And I'm done!! Whoa! I'm so happy I managed to do it this year too 🌟✨

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you're welcome!
we both know that I'm not the shredded one
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your welcome! you earned it! I really like you KKC art so UvU