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Zero no Tsukaima - cosplay 8 by Hanny-Senpai Zero no Tsukaima - cosplay 8 :iconhanny-senpai:Hanny-Senpai 14 3 KuroNeko - cosplay 2 by Hanny-Senpai KuroNeko - cosplay 2 :iconhanny-senpai:Hanny-Senpai 11 2 Kill la kill Nui Harime - cosplay 2 by Hanny-Senpai Kill la kill Nui Harime - cosplay 2 :iconhanny-senpai:Hanny-Senpai 65 10 Kill la kill Nui Harime - cosplay 1 by Hanny-Senpai Kill la kill Nui Harime - cosplay 1 :iconhanny-senpai:Hanny-Senpai 163 18 KuroNeko - cosplay 1 by Hanny-Senpai KuroNeko - cosplay 1 :iconhanny-senpai:Hanny-Senpai 6 2 Shana - cosplay 13 by Hanny-Senpai Shana - cosplay 13 :iconhanny-senpai:Hanny-Senpai 12 2 Tsundere cosplay 3 by Hanny-Senpai Tsundere cosplay 3 :iconhanny-senpai:Hanny-Senpai 40 9 Zero no Tsukaima - cosplay 7 by Hanny-Senpai Zero no Tsukaima - cosplay 7 :iconhanny-senpai:Hanny-Senpai 32 4 Zero no Tsukaima - cosplay 6 by Hanny-Senpai Zero no Tsukaima - cosplay 6 :iconhanny-senpai:Hanny-Senpai 15 3 Shana cosplay 12 by Hanny-Senpai Shana cosplay 12 :iconhanny-senpai:Hanny-Senpai 15 3 Shana cosplay 11 by Hanny-Senpai Shana cosplay 11 :iconhanny-senpai:Hanny-Senpai 39 9 Aisaka Taiga - cosplay 45 by Hanny-Senpai Aisaka Taiga - cosplay 45 :iconhanny-senpai:Hanny-Senpai 13 2 Toradora -3 by Hanny-Senpai Toradora -3 :iconhanny-senpai:Hanny-Senpai 12 2 Zero no Tsukaima - cosplay 5 by Hanny-Senpai Zero no Tsukaima - cosplay 5 :iconhanny-senpai:Hanny-Senpai 37 3 Sunako Kirishiki 4 by Hanny-Senpai Sunako Kirishiki 4 :iconhanny-senpai:Hanny-Senpai 17 3 Aisaka Taiga - cosplay 44 by Hanny-Senpai Aisaka Taiga - cosplay 44 :iconhanny-senpai:Hanny-Senpai 19 3


Cosplay Nonon Jakuzure from Kill la Kill by MahoCosplay Cosplay Nonon Jakuzure from Kill la Kill :iconmahocosplay:MahoCosplay 356 19
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Hanny-Senpai's Profile Picture
Hi everyone! My name is Anna. I lived in Moskow, but now I live in Limassol ( Cyprus). I'm an assistant director and I finish a last year of postgraduate study.
In my free time I like creating cosplay costumes, listening a different music, reading manga and different books. Also I love bjd and I want to embody of them the favourite caracters of anime or game. My favorite caracters is Aisaka Taiga from "Toradora" and Rachel Alucard from "Blazblue". I hope you"ll enjoy my cosplay and my works.

You can find me of site:………


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Khainsaw Featured By Owner May 8, 2014  Professional General Artist
Noooo I wish you lived in the US! I want to get KLK pics with youuuu. :C
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Super cute tsundere ' u'
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hi! great cosplay! do you make your own costumes?
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Ah, thank you so much for watching!! It means so much to me, you're one of my favorite cosplayers!! :happybounce:
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You're so pretty. I'm glad I foudn you :D I'm gonnaw atch you know. Your cosplays are awesome
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Thanks for join the #Rozen-Maiden-Fanlcub :iconrozen-maiden-fanclub:

Welcome! :dance:
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Watching <3
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I made you a little feature on my page (under the random favorite section) because I wanted to use my Premium Membership for good and your cosplays are awesome =D
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