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Miraculous OC: Sae Blanc

Updated reference for her below (yes I still use her xD)
Fleur Reference by HanniBuns

Note: Please do not use/trace/steal. I do not roleplay with her sorry!

Name: Fleur
Meaning: Flower In French
Nicknames: Bud, Noona/Unni, chère, ange
Grandmother and mother refer to her as bud. Fans often call her Noona/Unni. Jayce prefers to call her ma chère or ange. (My dear/angel)
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Nationality: French
Hometown: Born In Paris, grew up in Seoul, Korean

Languages: Fluent in Korean and French, though with French she has some trouble with certain words or slang. Knows little bits of English
Occupation: Idol/Singer - currently on hiatus so she helps around her grandparents flower shop

Build: 5'4 dancer/lithe build
Hair: Naturally brown, but underside of hair was bleached and dyed pink
Notable Traits: Two moles under left eye


Animal: Dove
Kwami: Belle
Miraculous: Wing shaped earrings
Hero Alias: Sae Blanc (White Bird) or Dove
Partner: Crow (Jayce)
Miraculous Phrase: "To the sky Belle!"
Weapons: Fan that grows and shrinks in size, used to send enemies back or ride the wind for a short period of time

Miraculous Powers

Feather Dance
Mimics ballerina moves, twirling and picking up speed causing feathers produced from fan to swirl around her. When released, the feathers shot off into all directions. Feathers will heal minor injuries of anyone they touch.

Plucks a feather from her mask and sends it to ally in need. Heals major wounds (not fatal). If the ally holds a Miraculous it extends their power and allows them to use their Miraculous a second time. Can only be used once when transformed and severely drains her Miraculous.

Suit Powers

"bird bones"
Suit mimics the hollow bones of birds and makes her lighter then normal. This allows her to desent slower, jump higher, ride the wind (with her fan), and be quick on her feet. Since she becomes lighter, direct hits to her will harm her more and/or send her flying back.

Attack Style: Not meant for offensive attacks, but more to stand of sidelines and provide aid to partner(s) when needed. Her moves resemble a dancer, able to twirl away from an attack. Her background of dancing makes her flexible enough to dodge a good number of attacks on short notice. If she lands a hit on an enemy they are not strong, so she sticks to using her fan to keep them at bay. She can use the wooden part of the fan to hit enemies.

Note: While her Kwami/animal is a bird, she is not capable of flying or forming wings to fly.


Side note: Aside from her shoulders, her suit fully covers her body up to her neck (cause I know the pink is very much like skin tone color) When transformed the pink in her hair is hidden.

Finally finished my Miraculous Ladybug oc ; v ; I'll be drawing her a lot more in the future
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Anytime. ^^ Merry Christmas. Merry christmas everybody

Beautiful desing.

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So, Crow and Sae Blanc. Like DC’s Hawk and Dove, Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger?

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Nah it was ying and yang based

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And of course, Ladybug and Chat Noir.

And heroic pair.

This is really cool and clearly really well thought out!
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Did she ever move back to Paris? Cause If she continued to live Seoul she wouldn't have a miraculous since miraculous' have to be given by a whatever that old guy is called and he is the only one that is alive.
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Yes she did ^^
I have a short story on how she got hers. She moved back to Paris with her grandparents to finish school and take a break from idol life.
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Wow! Amazing OC! She's very pretty! I have two OCs; Fawn (Deer) and French Gray (Koala) 💕 Great job 💗
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oh my irene this is an absolutely amazing mlb OC! Everything is so well thought out and awesome and the design is just so appealing!
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Ah thank you~ I really need to give her some more love I missed the show after the long wait
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I love it! But, I hope you don't mind me asking, but what is the Kwam? I can't tell what type of animal it is
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It's a dove, sorry for late reply ^^
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I love your oc very much! Your art style is gorgeous as well!
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My goodness. I feel so special that you actually replied. You're a talented artist and keep up the awesome work! You have so much potential, I hope you keep improving
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Ahaha thanks hun you're too sweet <3
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Oh!She is cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee!!.:*Emoticon*:. Fangirling Marinette 
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