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Dove Kwami

Sooooo my way of dipping my toe into the Miraculous Ladybug fandom *sweats*

I caved like a month or so ago to make an oc for the fandom, but had to scrap my last idea since I saw someone else had the same animal and din't want to step on any toes. Sooooo I'm submitting the kwami first since I'm super slow with references and my oc will not be done soon I don't think. I have only seen like two other bird based ones, so here's another~ I will most likely delete this or do some heavy cleaning as this is just a sketch.

This Kwami is a dove based one, so yes when I finish tidying up her holder's reference she will be dove themed. Her kwami has similar colors that will be seen on her outfit. I do not have a name for the kwami yet, I am leaning towards Mii? 
Her favorite snack is juice, so any type of juice box will do. She's a rather quiet kwami that chirps to reply if she can't think of anything else to say.

Anyway I am super excited to finish my ML oc ; v ; AND TO WATCH THE NEXT EPISODE OH GOD 
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This is amazing maybe you should make hero costume

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Can I use the kwami in a roleplay board? c: It's totally fine if not but your kwami is really adorable!
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What powers does it possess?
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So cool :) please make more Kwamis if you want/can
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She is so cute!!! >w<
I was wondering if I could make a dove miraculousona as well. I promise I thought of it before seeing your design (though I do love how your kwami looks). I'm asking because I don't want to step on any toes....and I kind of already designed the costume.
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I don't own any rights to dictate who can or cannot make a certain miraculous oc, so if you want to go for it. ^^
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I once thought to make a Dove Kwami but changed to a different animal. Haha,glad I didn't stick with Dove.
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I first made a butterfly kwami but then realized hawkmoth was already too close to that so I know the feel
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Shes so darn cute Cx
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Your welcome
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Welcome to the Kwamis with juice boxes group haha.

(At least your Kwami doesn't eat the whole box... and keep the straws to make a nest.)
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Hahaha yess

oh my, but that's super cute to have a straw nest ; v ;
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OMG!  This is so adorable! ~
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I was making a dove kwami but you beat me to it and did a great job
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Ah there are a bunch of animals already made so it's no problem if their are more?
I mean if you want to do one go for it C:
Thank you though~
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