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wooden icons

[Update] added 16 new icons (skype, more office, some autodesk products...)

my wooden icons.
35 yet. but i'm planning to do more of them. (i.e. the rest of the adobe family)

comments would be nice...
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Very nice set, please send more, lol...
These are gorgeous.

I'd love to use these with my dock on my WoW wallpaper. Some ones that'd be nice are Applications Menu (currently I use the cute Tux), Package Manager, A Mail Icon, the Open Office (or Libre Office) suite, Terminal... Hmmm, just realised how many I want. I might have to have a go myself. Any tips for how you achieved the Wood effect? You did really well, and it looks fab!
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Hey very nice Icons, can u make an Explorer Icon?
Very, very good icons!!
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These are very good! Any chance of you sharing the wood template images? I would like to try and apply them to my own theme. =)
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These are truly beautiful!! Any plans to revisit, and add still more to the group? Skype? More of the MSOffice Suite? Autodesk programs (dare to dream, on my part, haha!)

Very, very nice work!
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here you are. updated the package. and thanks for the credits! :)

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So very awesome! Sorry for the delay in thanking you, I've been out of the country - excellent work!
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These are truly beautiful! Any chance you will revisit these to add more? Skype? Autodesk (Dare to dream haha!) More of the MS Office suite?

Regardless, just awesome, I am very impressed!
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good work man.really nice
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yeah i found it sry for disturbing
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can u make a firefox wooden icon pack also please i don't know any adobe photoshop
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what do you mean by firefox icon pack?
something like this [link] just wooden?
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i meant a icon of firefox in a wooden texture
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there is a firefox-icon included in this package. (as you can see in the preview) :)
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Excellent design/look. Good job, thanks 4 sharing :dance: :onfire:
those are great icons - love the pear ;-) - are they free to use?
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thank you!
of course they are free. use them as much as you like... and as ofen :)
but please don't sell them. found someone who did this... that wasn't fair.

but share them as much as you like and tell everybody where you got them... ;)

I appreciate that you were thinking of Linux users and all but the only way we can use these is going through our application shortcuts and manually changing the icons.

And also, the Adobe Suite doesn't run natively on Linux, so most Linux users don't have that installed. Really nice icons though! I'd totally use them if I could! x3
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