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Tagamo Normal Outfit - Walkman Magical Girlz



Say Hello and Welcome to the first character in the Walkman Magical Girlz.
This is her regular/normal outfit. (Untransformed)

Name: Tagamo Salad
Nicknamed: (Egg Salad)
Age: 14

Bio: Tagamo loves music CD's. She carries her Walkman everywhere with her, even into class! Her teachers often have to reprimand her.
Her classmates, the nice and mean, often call her Tamago either by accident or on purpose.
She spends most of her time after school at "Bargain's Bin store of Music CD's" Tagamo is pretty good friends with the Owner.
Tagamo hobby is bargain bin hunting for unheard or forgotten singers. She often asks the owner about the artists shes digs up. He tends to know at least a few things about them.
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