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Okay so I already open for a request, but you should have to request the theme from bellow and also there's rules

Theme of request:
1. DC Comics
2. Marvel
3. Star Wars
4. Astérix and Obélix
5. SEGA Sonic Team
6. Disney
Well, that's the theme that you have to request.

The Rules
1. No NFSW parts
2. No LGBT parts
That's the rules, it's easy right?
Okay that's all about it. If you want to see the result it will take for a long time, because I use to be rarely to open my DA.
Thank you for reading
Buat yg tinggal di Bali pasti pd mau libur Galungan Kuningan kan? Hehehe.. ngomong2 gw orang yg udh 11 thn tinggal di Jakarta trus udh tinggal 6 thn di Bali, skolah di sana mau ngadain libur buat blajar buat persiapan UN.. tapi klo dipikir kok kerasa masih sante aj nih. US sm USBN udh lewat.. udh gitu gw blajarny tipis-tipisan sampe dpt bocoran soal hehehehehe... Buat nunggu UN gw masih santai.. aahh lagipula itu gak nentuin kelulusan wkwkwk. Tp gw takut sm US & USBN tuh.. yg bkl jd sasaran buat kelulusan, jgn2 gw g lulus nih gara2 beberapa pelajaran gak penting.. Tp udhlah gw doain smua murid SMA skolah gw pd lulus amin.. 😸😸😸😸
Okay, so I've got the good news and bad news. The B A D news is, I've got the bad score for my biology school final exam and my teacher warns me to study better again. He/She (I don't want to tell the gender) told me about my biology test result had a bad score and that was reeeaaaaalllyyy.. makes me frustrated, I'm the one who's got the most horrible score than any students from my class. Well, I should study hard for the last chance of the Final Test National Exam and that was really scary for me, because that will guide me to result of my highschool project, how is my study experience for this three years and that also will prove for a college sign up. I'm afraid if I don't pass the National Final Exam, I will be ruined and never got to the college for the next education.
Well, here's the good news. My school has added one week holiday for the chance of  studying the next National Final Exam, anyway about the bad news that I told you was about the result of School Final Exam so.. the question of the test will be different than the National Exam.
The National Exam will give the hard question of the test, anyway the School Final Exam not giving so hard that question for the test... I've got the bad score because I don't study very well and being lazy all the time, busy with the Deviantart, play with the smartphone/gadgets.. Never care about the test, because... well "Don't  C A R E  about it...."
Sometimes, I feel kinda want to hurry on finish for my Highschool experience and try to learn at the college to continue my graphic design and learn the detail. But, sometimes.. I feel scared for the National Final Exam, it's because if we don't pass it.
But... I don't know why??? Why it feels kinda strange??
Okay, so today I already watched Beauty and the Beast (2017) My sister really excited to watch that, anyway I will give you a little bit "spoiler".. the story of movie still have the same way and also the song in the movie, but there's another new song too. I won't tell you the new song, you have to watch it.. We bought the tickets and the seat almost full. Luckily we've got another two seats left and anyway that's from the front side... Because we don't care about choosing the seat which is comfy to watch the movie, at least we can still watch.
The visual effects really outstanding and still have the old background song opening, well also the romantic scene at the ballroom just like at the old cartoon.
See... that's the little bit "spoiler", wanna know about it? Just hurry on to the cinema, buy the tickets with your friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, or your loveable family... and enjoy to watch it