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Does this picture make me look professional? But in all seriousness, I'm going to be using this for my portfolio. Please just give me some thought on when you see this.
Ok, so this is going to sound a bit weird to most people, but thank God for short guys. I don't even care about what society thinks anymore. I think me and other people deserve to be happy. So, the other day I was feeling bummed because I've never been asked out, and a lot of my friends are already either engaged or married, some even have kids. Anyway, since my dad died when I was 12, I've always suffered from low self esteem, and going through puberty, moving to a different country, and at that time didn't help either. Also, being on the taller side (5' 7.5") didn't help cause it made me feel self conscious. (My dad was 6'1 and my mom is 5'2") Anyway, ever since then, I've observed my shorter friends have it much easier with talking to guys, flirting etc. Guys just respond to really short girls better I think. But again that was in high school. In college, I was a bit shocked when some guys actually WANTED to introduce themselves and talk to me. Anyway, I always liked taller guys of course, with the only exception being these two guys in highscool that were shorter. I liked them because they were funny and smart and always made me laugh. Never dated anyone though. So anyway, I finally got to talking to this Indian guy online, who I'm almost POSITIVE is shorter than me, but he likes graphic design and so do I and we're still talking. However yesterday I was feeling a bit insecure about my height again, until I saw an instagram page about tall girls. They were all really beautiful and some of them wanted to find a guy that was taller. I commented on one of the posts that they should consider dating a guy that's shorter because the harsh reality is that a lot of really tall guys end up dating girls that are really short so the tall girls are usually left alone. Anyway, wake up this morning and a guy that saw me post on the page said "Hey, sorry for randomly messaging you but  I saw you posted on the tall girl page and I just thought you were really pretty." I was kind of surpised, but also really happy and thankful because no guy has EVER told me straight up that I'm pretty. Some have mentioned that they like my hair, but they've never said I was pretty. Anyway, I thanked him and told him he was the first guy to ever say that to me and that he made my day. He said of course and then asked how tall I was. After I told him, he responded that he was sorry because he was only 5'6. I said it was fine, because there are a lot of taller girls that actually would rather date a shorter guy because shorter guys tend to be funnier, have a better personality, and they actually try to make you happy, whereas tall guys just have to show up. I also never thought that a tall girl could also be pretty. Now I know those two are not mutually exclusive. Anyway, if you're a tall guy, sorry if I've offended you. I just feel like tall guys just were never sure if I liked them even when I showed interest, while as soon as a short girl showed interest in them, they automatically went for her. Anyway, don't let society tell you who you can and can not love and learn to appreciate the short guys in your life :)


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xXPetunia-I-Luv-UXx Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
HII! :iconcutehiplz: 
:giggle: I saw you viewing my profile, and I remembered seeing you somewhere in the Philosophy and religion forums~ :iconhurrplz:
You seem like a cool, and awesome person! You're super lovely, too. :iconloveloveplz:
God bless you and have a lovely day! :iconbeauroseplz:
Hannahlovespainting Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2017  Student Digital Artist
aww thanks. I also just sent you a llama. Thanks for the watch and the faves. You seem like a pretty cool person too :)
xXPetunia-I-Luv-UXx Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
You're welcome~!! <33 And thank you very much! :iconrose-plz: I appreciate that~ :iconloveloveplz:
Kaslito Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2017  Professional General Artist
Hi Hannah! Thankyou so much for the fav! :-)
Koshej Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2017…
Sorry for not answering your post directly, but I decided to stop posting on that ugly forum.
I just want to say that your arguments will fall on deaf ears for one single reason:
And the worship of "chance":
"Anything can happen, given enough time and tries - even if we will never actually observe it for a fact."
This excuse is un-disprovable (as much as it is un-provable as well) - and therefore fits the anti-theistic doctrine super effectively.
Also, we DO observe evolution on the "species" level - except that the term "species" itself is hazy and INEFFECTIVE in cases like some hybrids that EXCESS it.
Meaning, while "species" is DEFINED as "the barrier of interbreeding" - there are FACTUAL examples that IGNORE this limit.
And yet, you will NEVER see any anti-theistic pro-evolutionist pointing out the INEFFECTIVENESS of "species" - instead, they will continuously claim that it IS "effective" (or "the best we have").
On the other hand, "Noah's KINDS" is a good (though undefined) "taxonomy" to cover up also inter-species hybrids, because it clearly speaks of a bigger group than "species" - yet separates each of them into a different "stand-alone taxa", fully capable of branching out into ALL the existing "species" that belong to it.
In fact, the Flood PROVES "evolution" - just a one working in a DIFFERENT WAY altogether.
it's NOT "gaining NEW material over time" - but the exact opposite mechanism of "selectively sifting SOME of the PREPROGRAMMED data into a separate so-called species".
The former implies that tigers and lions are separate NEW data files from the "proto-cat" (each having a separate NEW "patch").
The latter implies that tigers and lions are instead SELECTIONS out of the OLD PREEXISTING data pool of that "proto-cat" (similarly to how two sides of an apple SUM UP to be the FULL apple, as opposed to two unrelated RANDOM numbers being generated independently).
I'm not sure I explained this clearly enough, though.
Hannahlovespainting Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Honestly, when I read this, it made no sense to me. I'm still trying to figure out why you think the flood is evidence for evolution. If the genetic data was "prepogrammed" then where did it come from? How could you have elements turn into molecules, and then suddenly get all the variations and data that's necessary for species to "branch out"? Data doesn't just come from nowhere. Besides, data usually gets corrupted the more you use it. I agree that it was preprogrammed by God, but that doesn't mean that animals evolved after the flood. Tigers still stayed tigers, lions still stayed lions. As far as I know, lions and tigers can technically breed but ligers cannot. Mules can't breed for the same reason either. Kinds are still kinds. Orange trees don't produce apples. Kinds reproduce after kinds. It's just how things are. If evolution really happened, then there couldn't have been a global flood, because it would have destroyed all the layers of rock that supposedly happened over millions of years. 
Koshej Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2017
You are referring to the atheistic context of evolution, which is "it must have happened over millions of years" - whereas I'm pointing out, how it seems to me that the observable evolution (it does exist) is rather a sign of a pre-programmed "variation pool", as opposed to the atheistic "mutation accumulation over time".
In other words, I see evolution as a sequence of events defined as "rolling a many-sided yet unchanging die" and "writing down the results as so-called new species", as opposed to "continuously adding new sides to the ever-growing die".
The major parameter in this case is exactly "inter-breeding".
While ligers and the like can't breed themselves - they are still results of inter-SPECIES breeding, which clearly destroys the concept of "species" as "the barrier of breeding" itself.
And if we go into plant life, there are loads of NEW artificial species that are literally mashed together hybrids of various "species" - which is again a "self-contradiction" in regards to the atheistic view on evolution being based on "non-interbreeding species".
nataliebeth Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2017  Student General Artist
Hello there my friend! Dance [YT danisnotonfire]

I just wanted to say a hug thank-you Here's a kiss for you, my love! for adding my to your Added to my devWatch! list!
I am so honoured! Oh no, you didn't! Gasp [YT danisnotonfire] Danisnotonfire 19 

I hope I can continue to make work that inspires you or makes you smile. Kitty!Dan smile

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Hugs and kangaroos from this girl in Australia! :iloveaus:
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Hi!  Thank you very much for the favs! Instant Fave 
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