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Hey guys!
I know I haven't been on here in ages. Last night I decided to open my own personal fashion blog. I'll be active there daily. If you're interested this is the link :

Thanks so much! Hope to see you all there! spread the word :)

Hannah xx
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I am back on Tumblr. Follow me here :

Also, follow my talented boyfriend , Angelo D'Agostino, his photos are amazing! :

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Hello guys,

I am back now on TUMBLR :
Please follow me there for any new work/updates.

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follow me on fb to keep up with my updates! :…


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I got a new page for my facebook, I will be updating on daily basis :…

FOLLOW please! <3

Thank you guys for all the support!

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Sorry,my life has been a big pile of stress for the past few weeks. Lot's of school work and photography on top of it. I am officially done with school, prom is next weekend :D
I am very excited for my year off. I am currently working on what I will be doing for my time off. Planning everything out, haven't had time for updates and all. But if you really want to follow my work and what's up and my inspirations. I would say follow my tumblr, I post on there daily :

Another thing I wanted to talk about is that in the next few weeks I have big projects coming up that I am VERY excited about. :iconlarafairie: is coming back to nyc and might be staying with me :D so yay!

Besides that I have been interning at MILK Studios, and I love it!

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I wrote a blog on it :

Hope that helps

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WOOOOO finally started one so I think you should go and follow and read and all that fun stuff.

I will be posting tips and adventures and my upcoming shoots on there!



P.S. Thank you all for all the support :heart:
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SO I have been obsessing with Tumblr!
I want all of yous to start following me and my bestie Mart on it! (he owns a clothing like : GO CHECK IT and BUY A SHIRT!)

Anyways here is my tumblr :
Mart's :iconmartybell: :


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Check it out on my blog here :

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Photos of me by her :

Anto herself

GO see her work! She goes to school with me. Good talent.
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Okay I cant post the rest of the "Modern Beauty" shoot on here. So if you would like to view it please go here :…

Also i started a "blog" . Most likely will start posting behind the scenes photos and maybe even make a video so you can follow that here :

Thank you guys!
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How is everyone doing?

Ok almost done with my last fashion editorial, will post up by the end of the week.

Follow me on twitter for now :

Hannah K.
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Ask me any questions you have!?
But before i'll answer the basic once , so please dont ask me these :

What camera do you use?
5D mark I

What lenses do you own?
50mm f/1.8 and 35mm f/2

Where did you learn retouching ?
From Andre Schneider :

What do you use for retouching?
Photoshop CS4 and Wacom tablet (sometimes lightroom)

Where do you get your models from?
Agencies here in NYC. I call them ask for a test shoot and they send me over new faces that I can work with. Simple as that.

Why fashion photography?
Because I find it very interesting and in some ways it's very creative and expressive.

Thanks :D
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except not rly cause it sucks
im shooting tuesday :D so ill make one of the model

flickr :…

flickr has better quality.

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2 years ago or a bit more or less....quite dont remember  i got my DA account and I found :iconmartybell: who'm ive never met in person and started talking to him on MSN. I just got back from my trip from Scotland visiting him. It was probably one of the most amazing trips ever. I can sincerely say that he is one of my closest friends yet and that if you meet someone and you really like them, just go out and meet them. I am without  a doubt going back there sometime soon. Came back to NYC in tears....not cool I wanna go back to UK >.<

Me and Marty Bell

<img src="…"'

P.S. Best new years ever dancing with mart in kilts!
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Sorry girl it took me so long to do this, I've been super busy with trip and shooting a fashion story in nyc.
Thank you once again for helping me with the flash code, your work is great!


And the lovely  :iconxoxsk: herself :
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me and :iconmartybell: are going to be throwing massive parties at his flat!
LET me know if you wanna come down and chill!

ALSO if you wanna work together!
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i want to post a retouching image on i said i would

but i want to do this on here :…

if you know how to do that please help me
i'll feature you!!!

i'm super retarded when it comes to flash >.<

Thank you so much!
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