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What Should I Draw? - My Hero Acadamia!

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 8, 2017, 8:27 PM
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It's "Back To School" season!! And what better way to start off than with some of my favorite students? I love this show and all of its charm and characters, so I'm very excited to see what you guys pick! Be sure to vote before September 14th to cast your vote! And if your favorite character isn't shown, don't worry! I will definitely be having another Patron Pick with a different set of characters!…

Become a Patron by September 14th to cast your vote and get the HD download, PSD files and process video!…

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What Should I Draw? - Teen Titans!

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 8, 2017, 1:01 PM
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Become a Patron

Become a Patron

Become a Patron by August 15th and help me choose which character to draw! This month is about Teen Titans in celebration of the original cartoon coming back to Cartoon Network! Head to and vote in the poll!

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I Have A Patreon!

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 31, 2017, 2:27 PM
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My Patreon!

I am soooo excited about this! I've been wanting to start one of these for a while, and now I have the ability to do so! For as little as a $1, you can get access to high-resolution images without the watermark, process photos, a download of my speedpaints, PSD files, and even video tutorials of my creative process! This all goes towards the production of The Limitless Crew and it's future as an animated series. I'm working on creating a pilot episode in the near future, and this is a great start. There will be at least 2 images a month, one regarding TLC and the other is for my Patrons and whatever they voted for that month! Check it out!

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I'm Back! + Commissions OPEN

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 12, 2017, 11:39 AM
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It's been a long time, hasn't it! Rest assured, I've been busier than ever. I took a step back from DeviantART because it just isn't high on my priorities. For the past year that I've been silent, I've been working on a short film, The Land Below and it was very successful! You can check it out at the bottom of the journal. Along with that, I finished up school and received my associate's in Animation. Soon after both of those goals were met, I focused on my brand. I talked with my mentors and dove headfirst into my inner psyche and found the perfect brand for me in this season!

"Reawakening our inner child into an authentic reality"


I'll still keep my eye on this community and post every now and then. But if you want to see and learn more about all my artistic ventures, you can visit my website! It has everything from art, to short films, to blogs and so much more. It's the central hub for all of my content. I interact more often there and my email than anything else. So stop by and take a look!

As for The Limitless Crew, I haven't stopped thinking about it. It's always on my mind. right now, I'm in a season where I'm moving out and going to a new school in a new place. There's a lot of "newness" that's happening in the next few months, so for now I'm focusing on being an adult. But I have plenty of ideas on how to continue with this series. I won't continue the webcomic, my heart is just not in that medium. But I will eventually launch a kickstarter to begin production on a pilot episode! It will contain the whole crew, plus a deeper look into our antagonists of the story. Keep an eye out for that!


I also have commissions open! Here are more details for those who are interested.


I greatly appreciate all of your support over the past year as I've figured things out. Thank you for your patience! For that, I'll begin to post all the art I've created over the past year for you guys to see! We'll talk soon!


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A New Short Film

Journal Entry: Wed May 11, 2016, 7:05 AM
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My friend Gregg and I have launched an Indiegogo Campaign!! It our very first collaborative short film together and we're super excited about the process! It's going to be a roughly 10 minute short film with a blend of 2D animation and live action, similar to "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" and "Mary Poppins". I'll be updating here and on my personal tumblr for more updates with art and who's on the team. We've hired on Marcus Warner is our composer, and Gregg has a sound designer in California that will join the team during post-production.

All the information is on our CAMPAIGN PAGE. I'll keep bugging you with this because I've been super excited about the short film for a while!! It means a lot to us, and we'd really appreciate it if you helped us make this the best it can be. You rock!

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April Update 2016

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 6, 2016, 8:10 PM
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:bulletpink: Launch of NEW and IMPROVED Website
:bulletpink: School Related News
:bulletpink: New Artist Feature


Welcome to April, where snow falls and temperatures drop in southwest Michigan. Hoo-Rah.

----> <----
----> <----
----> <----
----> <----
----> <----

There are a couple things I need to touch up in the mobile version, but ultimately it's fully updated and nice and pretty! You can read the comic in a much better resolution size than on dA. Plus, there's a new Discovery page. That will eventually be filled with history and facts about the world, PLUS short stories about the Crew... and maybe even new characters unrelated to the current story. GASP so much content!! It's gonna be so awesome, I can't wait until the content is created so you guys can experience it. But for right now, GO SEE HOW PRETTY IT IS and tell me if you find any glitches!


I'm only 3 weeks away from the end of the semester which means I've been a college student for 2 whole years now. Holy smokes has it been a ride. In order for me to graduate in December with my associate's degree, I need to take a summer class. So that's a bummer... but it's just the one. That will leave me plenty of time to work on TLC related things as well as freelance gigs.

I also received good news from my instructor the other day about meeting with a certain animator in May! I've been presented with so many opportunities recently, and I thank God for all the favor I've had these past few months. Because there's also an opportunity to get scholarships to SCAD, one of the most expensive art schools in the country. And I really wasn't planning on transferring to another school once I graduated, but I had a portfolio review with the school and their Sequential Art program is right up my ally. It's not strictly art... it's not strictly animation... it's not strictly writing. It's all of those things put together to create a visual storytelling experience. If I were to go anywhere and learn anything more, it would be at SCAD. I'm praying for favor with the school for a full ride, if possible. Crazier things have happened within that past 12 months, so the thought of getting a full ride doesn't seem too farfetched. Cross your fingers for me! Send good vibes my way! I'd greatly appreciate it!


Commission - Robin by SweetLhuna
Commission - Robin by SweetLhuna

Want to get featured in the next month's journal update? Draw/write/create anything to do with The Limitless Crew and send me a note with a link to your piece!

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March Update 2016

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 1, 2016, 4:44 PM
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:bulletpink: Thank you to all the birthday wishes!
:bulletpink: Exclusive stills of the TLC website.
:bulletpink: OC Facts about Emmett.
:bulletpink: New Artist Feature.


First of all, thank you all so much for wishing me a happy birthday! I had a blast. It's funny to compare this year from last year, and how much of a sheer contrast those birthdays have been. Last year, the night of my 19th birthday, I was at my lowest point. I felt so alone, desperate and anxious. But, it was at that point I decided I wasn't going to let my circumstances dictate my life. And over the course of the next year, my life has totally changed! I found and surrounded myself with the people who matter, I've gained so much confidence in myself and my work, and I've never been so excited about the future. So thank you, once again, for being on this journey with me as I continue to discover more of my dreams and talents! the 20s are looking bright!


Classes are going well, plus Spring Break is on the horizon! I've animated a little over 2 minutes of frames for my animated short, and I've got less than 2 to go! At this rate, I'll finally have a finished animation by the end of the semester. And big news on the TLC website, it's coming along so well! Here are some shots of some of the pages.

I'm so excited to publish it! There's exclusive art you'll only be able to see on this site, and there will be BONUS CONTENT for the avid viewer! I'm in the process of creating in-depth facts, history, and lore of each species and country to open up the world that you guys are immersing yourselves in. You'll understand the history behind the discrimination between Alphawings and Aidwings, the philosophical views of the Maecyrens and how they're the only known species with magical/elemental properties, and so much more. It's gonna be so AWESOME!

But besides the successful production of the host site, I haven't made any progress on other comic pages. I'm hoping over Spring Break, I'll be able to add a couple more into my buffer, but I may only get one or two completely finished. But I'm trying my hardest to keep this at a steady upload schedule! If anything changes, I'll let you all know. But the good news is that I have enough to last me until the end of the semester!


This fluff-nugget CoastHarbour has tagged me in a little OC meme that I thought would be fun to share! She asked about Emmett facts, and boy do I have plenty of them.

1. Emmett was originally conceived back in the Fall of 2011, and his very first design was a full-body, digital painting.  Limitless- Emmett by hannahgrace-art
2. When originally creating this character, I made him the "silent, bad-boy, mechanic" type. After nearly 5 years of writing and re-writing, his character has changed dramatically.
3. Emmett is a craftsman. He comes from a lifestyle of innovation and new creations, and you can often see him tinkering with a box he made himself. No one knows what it is except him.  Run With It by hannahgrace-art
4. He's not the tough guy he assumes to be. In fact, he is physically the weakest one of the group.
5. His biggest weakness is distrust. His mysterious life has been shrouded in lies and deceit, which is one of the reasons he ran away from his home. Through his adventures with Robin, he slowly learns to be vulnerable again.
6. Emmett can be considered as Robin's best friend.
7. He's the tallest of the Crew: 5' 7" (170cm) He's only surpassed by Kiwi who is 6' 1" (185cm)
8. The biggest challenge he faces on this adventure is overcoming his own self-doubt, allowing others to see the emotional hurt he endures, and learning to accept the reality of his life and his past in order to grow in his own flawed character.


:C: Robin by thewrabbithole
:C: Robin by thewrabbithole

Want to get featured in the next month's journal update? Draw/write/create anything to do with The Limitless Crew and send me a note with a link to your piece!

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February Update!!

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 2, 2016, 7:34 PM
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:bulletpink: New project updates and animation.
:bulletpink: Welcoming some new Crew members!
:bulletpink: Asking YOU about TLC's host website and how to make it cooler.
:bulletpink: New TLC art feature.


What's up, Crew!
So a whole flippin' month has passed already, say what? How crazy is that? Thought I'd let you guys know about some projects going on behind the scenes as I'm truckin' along this semester. All of my classes are going splendidly. This might actually be m favorite semester so far. I'm letting myself put all my focus on course assignments and pauses on TLC development until May arrives. But in the meantime, I have 4 animation projects in the works. I have 2 group projects and 2 personal projects as the weeks progress. I've posted a snippet of animation in my gallery here. The title is still in discussion, but I'm already over a minute into the film. It's due at the beginning of march and I have 3 more minutes to go. I may have bitten off more than I can chew, but that's alright. When don't i?? I've always been called an overachiever by my instructor. I'll live up to it haha!

Also, I would like to welcome a few new watchers to the Crew! I commissioned another artist by the name of WalkingMelonsAAA to draw my baby, Robin, and through that we have a few more lovelies to hang out with us crazy animals! Thanks for those of you who stopped by and are joining me on this crazy journey!


Also, I would love to hear some feedback from you guys. In another class, I will be working on The Limitless Crew's host website. Right now, honestly, it's very bland. There's a lot of untapped potential here, and I want to make it better, more interactive, and really showcase the wonder and magic the world possesses. So, here's my question:

:bulletpink: What would you like to see on the website? Moving images? Facts and in depth information about the world and its' species?
:bulletpink: How can I make things easier to navigate? How can I better organize each page?
:bulletpink: Are there visuals and other content you would want to see?
:bulletpink: What's something that's just plain AWESOME that you would LOVE to see, just because?

That website is for your enjoyment, and I want it to be a part of the TLC experience, not just a boring place holder for the comic. If you have any ideas or input, put a comment down below! I'd love any type of feedback. I'll be working on the website right after spring break, I believe. I've already created some sketches and mockups of updated pages and content, but you, the audience, have the most important say.

Thanks guys! I think I'll stick with the monthly updates near the beginning of the month. That way, no matter what, you'll always know what's going on with the nutty author/artist/psycho behind the scenes. You all rock!


Robin - Commission by WalkingMelonsAAA
Robin - Commission by WalkingMelonsAAA

Want to get featured in the next month's journal update? Draw/write/create anything to do with The Limitless Crew and send me a note with a link to your piece!

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Who the... How the...

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 12, 2016, 5:38 AM
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So I'm at work and classes all day and I come home last night to see that my inbox exploded?? I have a ton of new watchers and viewers basically overnight! And I assume it's mostly because of Ilkyra's animation I commissioned her to do, which she did an awesome job with. So I guess, welcome!! For those of you newcomers, I am an animation and film student and I'm creating the graphic novel series: The Limitless Crew! I'm currently updating at a 2-page-a-week schedule. But seeing as now that I'm back in school for the next 15 weeks, I may have to boil it down to one-a-week later in the semester. But I'll try hard to NOT have that happen! This semester is gonna be packed and very challenging this time and will need a lot of my attention. But the good news is, after all of THAT is done, Summer comes! And even more awesomeness will happen and be added onto my list of fun stuff to show you all!

With that being said, I just wanted to say thank you. Thanks for believing in me and this project I'm pouring myself into. It's taken a lot to get to this point, and it's only the beginning. Have a great day, guys! I'll talk to you again soon!


Robin by Ilkyra

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The Launch is Near!!

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 13, 2015, 9:00 PM
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How's it goin' guys?

It's almost here! The official launch of The Limitless Crew: The Stone of Tarak is in less than two weeks! It's been nearly five years in the making and now I can finally share the beginning of Robin's journey with you all. Here's what to expect once December 28th roles around:

• Sheer excitment from yours truly.
• The first page will be the Chapter cover.
• The upload schedule is still under consideration. I'm hoping it will be twice a week.
• As soon as it starts, my goal for 2016 is to have three chapters completed by the end of next year. So lot's of content headed your way!
• Keep in mind that I still attend college, and work part-time. I've planned to dedicate a lot of my mental strength to this project, but other events may come up. (Hopefully not!)

And there you have it! Be prepared you guys, this is gonna be one heck of a ride. Thanks so much for going on the journey with me!

Also, I've updated the website. Take a look!

- Hannah

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4th Quarter Updates!

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 12, 2015, 9:42 PM
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Hello to the new watchers and a big hug to my current ones! It's been an interesting hiatus to say the least. I've been off and on for quite a while, but there is good news. The art show is finished! My mind has gone off to focus on other things now. But it was a very successful event. I get a lot of support from you all and from friends, family, coworkers, classmates, instructors, etc. I was able to showcase all things Limitless and share my heart for the project. A lot of people who knew nothing about this seemed genuinely interested. So I'm very encouraged by the response, and now it's full steam ahead!

Some more good news is that I've started my second year of college. This semester is going to be great because my instructors are allowing me to work on TLC for credit. So all of the character designs, concept art, animation... it's all going towards Limitless. Which is such a huge blessing with the launch date coming up very soon. Which brings me to my upcoming projects!


I'll be taking a 2D class that has the biggest payoff. I'll be creating a one minute trailer for the comic by the end of the semester! And a special part of it is I commissioned a composer by the name of Marcus Warner to create a minute score for TLC. So, along with the customized and personal theme that I now have, I'll be working constantly on animating the promotional trailer! I'll be posting updates and WIPs over the upcoming weeks on my progress.

For my Character Design class, a lot of it is going to be characters and environment concepts, which will also be posted on both the TLC blog and here as well for your enjoyment. I'm so pumped to be able to do this and be able to get college credit for it all.

But I want to reassure you that The Limitless Crew is NOT A SCHOOL PROJECT. It's a personal passion that I've been creating over the course of 4 years. It's just a rare occasion that I can do both the personal and the school at the same time. Killing two birds with one stone!


I will be going to Disney World with my family next week, so I will most likely not be on social media as often. With that being said, I'll also be missing a full week of classes. I'm not sure how that's going to turn out, but I'm praying I won;t fall behind on work. So these next fews days are going to be jam packed with homework and extra studies. And in November, I'm still going to California for a creatives conference. I'll be meeting with my mentor and some friends from the area, its going to be so much fun. So my only concerns are that I may fall behind on work with these absences, but that could be just me freaking out over the unknown possibilities.


• Art show was successful and gained more watchers to join the adventure.
• School has started and will simultaneously work on TLC.
• A one minute animation trailer will be in progress over the course of 15 weeks.
• I will be gone from Sept. 18-26 and Nov. 11-15.

Thank you all so much for sticking with me and supporting me in everything I do. We're almost there! You all rock!

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Hello all of my lovely watchers!

So here's the dealio. A lot is going on behind the scenes and I'm making a lot of progress. For starters, The Limitless Crew: The Stone of Tarak is under production right now. Pages are being created at a pretty reasonable pace, I'm trying to stay to the goal of 2 pages a week. That way I can build up enough back log to be able to post updates as often as possible. So far so good!

The launch of the webcomic is DECEMBER 28. Mark it on your calendars! It's been 4 years in the making, so it's about time.

And I also want to let you guys in the loop on my current projects that are on my radar.
  • I'm developing the official host site for TLC. I'm hoping to get that completed and launched by the beginning of August.
  • I will be having an art showing at a local museum that is showcasing TLC as well. It's going to be a great promotional event to get the word out! I will be showing art that I haven't even shown yet. Lots of cool stuff is going to happen there, it's insane! The event happens September 11.
  • Along with that, I'm going to Disney World with my family in late that month as well. Along with SCHOOL. I'm excited, but that takes away from TLC time. But it will be helpful, I'm taking 2D animation and Intro to 3D. LEARNING!
  • The Facebook page for TLC is up as well! Head on over and give it a "like" so you can get more details and updates on the webcomic's whereabouts.
  • I'm prepping for a creative conference in Orange County! I'll be there November 11-15 to meet some friends I've come to know over a mentorship program I'm a part of. Also, Disneyland. Duh.
And there are so many other things going on behind the scenes that I can't reveal yet... But they will be amazing. Trust me.

Thank you all for sticking with me on this weird hiatus. Art will slowly be pouring in now that I'm close to finishing pieces for my art showing. Activity should be kicking back up on my TLC Tumblr as well. There's a lot to keep track of and to keep updated, so bear with me! You guys are the best. I appreciate the patience, and I promise the wait is well worth it! HAVE A GREAT SUMMER LOVELIES.

CoastHarbour you little rascal, you knew I would be all over this.

1. Your first OC ever?

This is a difficult question to answer, because I've made MANY in my lifetime. I think the earliest OC I can remember is some sort of Lombax hybrid species... completely unrelated to the Ratchet and Clank franchise. Her name was Sarah or something...

2. Do you have a personal favorite among your OCs?

Robin for sure! 

3. Have you ever adopted a character or gotten a character from someone else?

No, I don't believe I have...

4. A character you rarely talk about?

Strix! Can we talk about Strix? I really like Strix. The old, Aidwing geezer who mentors the Crew with all his crack nonsense and wisdom. Yes. Strix.

5. If you could make only one of your OCs popular/known, who would it be?

Robin, heyo! She's my baby ;w;

6. Two OCs of yours that look alike despite not being related?

I really can't think of any... The Crew is so diverse. I would have to say, just because, Robin and Hunter. They look the most similar.

7. Are your OCs part of any story or stories?

YOU BET. The Limitless Crew: The Stone of Tarak.
A webcomic project, releasing in December 2015!! ;)

8. Do you RP as any of your OCs? If you do, introduce one of your RP OCs here!

I've actually NEVER role played before... I feel so out of touch.

9. Would you ever be willing to give any of your OCs to someone else?

Okay well maybe you can take these guys. I haven't used them in 4 years!

10. Introduce an OC with a complicated design? 

Complicated design... They all look pretty simple. I would say Robin just because of her wings and the detail of them.

11. Is there any OC of yours you could describe as a “sunshine”?

Hunter, like for real.

12. Name an OC that isn’t yours but who you like a lot

I want Sette and Duane from Unsounded. I love that webcomic...

13. Do you have any troublemaker OCs? 

No question it's Nyla. She will go out of her way to cause trouble, that little booger.

14. Introduce an OC with a tragic backstory 

LISTEN. THEY ARE ALL TRAGIC. the problem is picking one that's the worst. Another problem is that if I explain away ANY of the backstories, it'll spoil a lot of the mystery of TLC. So.... there.

15. Do you like to talk about your OCs with other people?

I talk about my OCs to my brother ALL THE TIME.

16. Which one of your OCs would be the best at biology (school subject)? 

Hmm... Emmett, probably. He's an innovative dude, and very smart, in a way.

17. Any OC OTPs? 


18. Any OC crackships? 

I haven't thought of that.... I don't have any that are totally "crack worthy" xD

19. Introduce an OC that means a lot to you (and explain why)

Robin is a huge part of my life, because she was something I channeled all of my emotions through. I took my own story and gave it to her. Creating her was a way for me to cope with my own struggles in reality. And because of her, I thought of the others and The Limitless Crew was born!

20. Do any of your OCs sing? If they sing, care to share more details (headcanon voice, what kind of songs they like etc)?

Robin sings a little. She's not a super star, but she does have a soft voice for a good lullaby! Also, Emmett can surprise you with a good melody as well...

21. Your most artistic OC?

Hunter is a very creative and artistic little monkey boy. Out of all of the Crew, he would be the artsy one.

22. Is there any OC of yours people tend to mischaracterize? If yes, how? 

Not really. there's so much about them that I haven't revealed yet, so there's not a lot to mischaracterize.

23. Introduce OC that has changed from your first idea concerning what the character would be like?

It's interesting because the initial idea is still sound today in all of my characters... but I do have a couple UNMENTIONABLE characters that have evolved over time. The only drastic change I can think of in any of my characters is Nyla. I changed her hairstyle from long tri-braids to a pixie cut.

You guys have no idea how many OCs I have yet to reveal to you...

24. If you could meet one OC of yours, who would it be and why?

Strix... because he knows more about the world he lives in than anybody. He's traveled all over and befriended a prince! I would love to just sit and listen to all the crack stories and vast knowledge he has in that brain of his...

25. The OC that resembles you the most (same hobby, height, shared like/dislike for something etc?)

Robin for sure. I created her for the purpose of have a character to relate myself to!

26. Have you ever had to change your OC’s design or something else about them against your will? 

Nope... not that I can think of.

27. Any OCs that were inspired by a certain song?

Robin wasn't originally inspired by a song, but this one reminds me a lot of her! [link] 

28. Your most dangerous OC? 

Okay... this I'm willing to give away.
the most dangerous OC is Hunter.

29. Which one of your OCs would go investigate an abandoned house at night without telling anyone they’re going?

The entire Crew: Robin, Emmet, Hunter and Nyla. They all would do it. Oh man, and if Kiwi ever found out, they would get the beating of a lifetime.

30. Which one of your OCs would most likely have a secret stuffed animal collection? 

Hunter oh my gosh... 

31. Pick one OC of yours and explain what their tumblr blog would be like (what they reblog, layout, anything really)

Emmett would probably have a super cool layout, since he would be the coder/tech wizard of the group if it was based in reality. I have a feeling he would reblog science stuff, Leonardo Da Vinci sketches and plans, etc. But he's also the kind of guy who would be on tumblr for, like, a day and then not get back on until another 2 months goes by.

32. Which one of your OCs would be the most suitable horror game protagonist and why? 

I have no idea...

33. Your shyest OC?

Shy... maybe Nyla or Hunter. Emmett and Robin are pretty forward around others, whether or not they know them or not.

34. Do you have any twin characters?


35. Any sibling characters? 

Hunter and 11 over his brothers and sister. He does have one older brother called Levi. He's not even in the first installment of the series though...

36. Do you have OC pairs where the other part belongs to someone else (siblings, lovers, friends etc)? 

Nope, not that I can think of!

37. Introduce an OC who is not quite human

None of them are human, deeerrrp

38. Which one of your OCs would be the best dancer? 

Hunter or Nyla hahahaaa I can't stop thinking about Hunter's elegant and interpretive dancing omg x'D

39. Introduce any character you want 

Ettan... The son of Emperor Varad of Maecyra.
Xander - Outfit Concepts by hannahgrace-art

40. Any fond memories linked to your characters? Feel free to share!

Just the entire Crew in general... I love holding onto the memories of where I was at in my own life when developing each one of them.

41. Has anyone drawn fanart of your OCs? If yes, maybe show a picture or two here (remember sources & permissions!)

Yes I do!
Request: Nyla by Nemeaux Commission - Robin by SweetLhuna  Robin Valentine by RogueDoodler <da:thumb id="316291001"/>  Contest: Niela by koonmo  Art Trade with Spanglersm by MayraInWonderland

I've almost forgotten about them ;w; 
I haven't been promoting TLC so fan art is quite limited. But starting this Summer, a lot is going to be announced!

42. Which one of your OCs would be the most interested in Greek gods?

Robin! I based her species, the Avairans off of ancient Roman/Greek history and culture. So it's a perfect fit!

43. Do you have any certain type when you create your OCs? Do you tend to favour some certain traits or looks? It’s time to confess.

Big eyes. I like to design my characters with larger-than-normal eyes, because they're the windows to the soul! One of my favorite aspects to draw.

44. Something you like about your OCs in general

I love how they're all different, but despite that the Crew grows to love each other like family. They understand their differences, their pasts, and they focus on each other's potential. Eep, I love them so much ;w;

45. A character you no longer use?

Maria... you were once my one and only... Until I grew to realize you had a very bland and static personality coupled with a horribly crafted backstory.

46. Has anyone ever told you that you treat your OCs badly?

Not yet.... bet they will.

47. Has anyone ever (friendly) claimed any of your OCs as their child? 

Not yet... but they will.

48. OC who is a perfect cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure

Havilah, you sweet little butter biscuit, so innocent and sweet and lovable and gahhhh

49. Which one of your OCs would most likely enjoy memes?

Nyla... she just has that kind of personality.

50. Give me the good ol’ OC talk here. Talk about anything you want

I eat, sleep and breathe storytelling and my OCs embody my love for it so well. The Limitless Crew is my pride and joy, and I want to use them to spread joy and a good message to everyone who enjoys the story.
Make OCs that make you stronger! Robin has surely done that for me!

And I choose to tag Nemeaux and ASSORTEDJELLIES !!!

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Surprise, it's me!

So, wow. These least 6 months of "journal silence" have been jammed packed with a lot of happenings. I'll just briefly go through the events and then give you guys a current update, KK? kk.

• Got an amazing job position at Hobby Lobby.
• Sold our house and moved into a fixer-upper.
• Started college and finished my first semester with honors.
• Won an Instagram contest for a scholarship to Noah University.
• Just started my second semester and am LOVING IT.

A few of these things happened around the same time, like the job, moving and college. There was a lot of adjustment that happened... and up until we finally moved it was just pure torture for me. I actually wrote in my journal the day before everything was moved into the house I'm currently living in. (It was so full of angst and "I'm hating life" kind of entry that I'm surprised to read it today haha!) But I'm all settled and We're just beginning to start major construction on the house. Our plan is to sell it or rent it by the end of the Spring. We don't know the plan after that... we may get another fixer-upper? Who knows.

But! College is good right now. I have 3 classes that are all on one day, and they're all art classes. Which is pretty much the best thing ever. I have Scriptwriting, Storyboarding and Life Drawing! Wowowowowow I love them so much. All of them are challenging me creatively in a way I've never been challenged before. I'm excited to see what happens through the course of the next few weeks!

AND MY JOB. I love working at Hobby Lobby, I think this job is the greatest opportunity next to Noah University. I love the people I work with and the managers that hired me. They are the most respectful, appreciative and laid-back people I've ever had the pleasure to work with. I'm actually going to a "Hobby Lobby Employees Only" baby shower in a couple hours for one of my co-workers! It's truly a blessing to be surrounded by people who support you and who like to be super weird with you. I have plenty of stories to tell, and I may or may not put  them in a comic strip or animated series. huehehue... :iconheplz: 

wow it's been so long since I've used emoticons and plz accounts hahaha I'M BEHIND THE TIMES.

Anyway, I'm also working VIGOROUSLY on The Limitless Crew. Throughout the course of my Scriptwriting class I'll be focusing on the structure of TLC. Because by the end of the semester, I'll have a fully written screenplay of a movie i want to make! BEST CLASS EVER. And I bet you saw the redesigns... They are for a purpose, not just because I wanted a change! I've been really focusing on the history of their world and what the origins are to each kingdom and country, just to really round out their environment. So far, it's a lot of fun! I post A LOT of my progress work and sketches over on the official Limitless Crew Blog.

So to sum up. Life is great, I have no social life, and this year is a year of CREATIVE PROGRESS. Thanks you guys for sticking with me on my hiatus, and get ready to see so much more!
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7/30/14 UPDATE: Guys I just got a job!! It wasn't at Cold Stone Creamery... it was at Hobby Lobby! The very place I prayed I'd get a job at! My orientation is this afternoon. Wish me luck!


:bulletblue: (Warning: I'll be getting transparent with you guys about recent events. It's nothing bad, the complete opposite actually! And I really want to share with my lovely watchers what's going on so as to give you an idea of what's coming up in the next few months!) :bulletblue:


Before I even get to anything, I have 150 watchers! How did that happen? Thank you all so much, you may not realize it but you are an inspiration and a motivation for me to do better and better. So cheers to you! :heart: :heart: :heart:

Whoa what a journal? This is something new, like wow. But seriously guys, this is the most I've been consistently inactive since I joined dA! It's a little difficult keeping in touch with any of you, it's been a hectic but favorable summer. So I'll tell you what has happened just recently and get into other details.

First off, I just got back from my last summer Bible Camp as a high school student! It was very bittersweet, and a lot was expected out of it. I've realized a lot of stuff that has encouraged me for this next college season. For a while I've struggled with anxiety about a lot of things, including college and the future. Right now, I'm still not working and I've been praying for an opportunity for a few months now. I've sent in apps to Hobby Lobby, Cold Stone Creamery, Plato's Closet, Family Video, etc. and most of them replied and all of them saying "WE DON'T WANT YOU. PEACE." (That would be the 'hannah spangler' translation of the proper emails I've received) Which that happens in the middle of the Summer, it's understandable. But dang, this girl just wants a job!

Anyway, so I came into camp expecting to get some sort of job opportunity. I've been confessing for the past 2 weeks that I would have favor with my employers, that they would see me and want me on their team. So I knew, once I came to Camp that God had it all under control. But i did have those moments of doubt like, "Am I expecting too much?" But then I realized that God is way bigger than any circumstance that I come across. It's easy to forget that... So I kept my faith up. And guess what? Sure enough, I wake up Wednesday morning and I got an email. I got an email from the manager of Cold Stone Creamery in the area that said they invite me to an audition for a couple positions that are open!! I almost couldn't believe it!!

Right now it's like I already have the job. So I'm preparing myself for the audition coming next week and praying that I'll say the right things and kick unemployment in the face!

So God has helped me with my anxiety when it comes to my job and my future, because He gave me peace with where I was heading. I have at least 4 verses in the Bible that tell me to not be afraid and that I am strong. God is just so good, guys. And art is definitely the path chosen for me and I plan to stick with it. I can't see myself doing anything else! And even though it's a pretty rough path to take, what God leads me to He will lead me through. (And everybody said amen coughcough)

All this came at just the right time because I've been struggling with anxiety my whole life, feeling that I was stupid and unwanted because of my background and my interests. Just seeing me, that high school freshmen 4 years ago, makes me think what I could be now if it weren't for Jesus. Now I'm confident in who I am and where I'm headed, and it's a great feeling.

Now I want to thank you all for still watching me while I post, like, 1 piece of art a month! I just started to get back in the groove of writing The Limitless Crew script and I'm a little over halfway done. I'm so excited for the process of creating the concepts! I believe the story will be just as magical as the environment itself, I have so many things I want to share with you! But I want to take it nice and slow and really think about TLC and how to make it emotionally captivating. But ya'll know what I'm talking about, cuz I have the smartest and coolest watchers ever. (And everybody said amen coughcough)

By the way, if you want to talk, or say hi, or want advice, please talk to me! I may have a hard to initiating conversations over the internet, but I can certainly keep one going! I promise I don't bite, all i want is friends, man, That's all i want.

can you feel my excitement across the world wide web? Just breathe it in. take it all in. cuz it's happening people.

Okay that's it. Love you guys!

- Bang Bang Spangs

P.S. If you've read this far, I want you to tell me the most memorable thing about any of your Summer vacations. It can be serious, it can be goofy. It's your game!
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I've decided to keep a list of all the big events that have happened this year. So much has already taken place that I don't want to forget how this year has already impacted my life!



:bulletblue: Was hired by Matt McCarty to illustrate his and my first children's book.
:bulletblue: Began interning at VFC in the Digital Graphics devision.
:bulletblue: Started my first college class: Design and Color Theory.


:bulletblue: Created original artwork for Kids Ministry curriculum that will be sold all over the country/world.
:bulletgreen: A certain someone gave me a full hug for the first time yes that counts as something super special aaaahhh
:bulletblue: Turned 18 and became a legal adult!


:bulletblue: Experienced my youth conference and was officially back on the worship team.
:bulletblue: Completed my internship term and finished a big project on the final day.
:bulletblue: Completed all of the illustrations for "The Gift" book.
:bulletblue: Went on an artistic adventure in Ann Arbor with a special friend of mine.


:bulletblue: First "Faith Heroes" T-shirt was printed.
:bulletblue: First shipment of "The Gift" was sent to McCarty.
:bulletblue: Sang in VFC's first Easter choir for all 4 services.
:bulletblue: Visited my hometown and was spoken to by Rev. Mary Fran.

May (This is gonna be a big month...)

:bulletblue: I received my copy of "The Gift."
:bulletblue: Went to my senior prom (that i was nervous over for 3 months and turned out to be way better then i expected).
:bulletblue: Officially graduated high school, May 30th.
:bulletblue: Complete, Tangled-themed Grad party (May 31st)!


:bulletblue: Experienced my very last Next Level program as a student.


:bulletblue: Went to my last Summer Camp as a student.
:bulletblue: Got a job at Hobby Lobby.


:bulletblue: Put our house on the market.
:bulletblue: Our house was sold.


:bulletblue: Started Fall Semester of college.
:bulletblue: Went to my cousin's wedding.


:bulletblue: Moved into our new house (fixer upper).


Other Experiences I Had During This Time

:bulletgreen: Developed new friendships at church and in my college class.
:bulletgreen: I was in 2 planned video shoots and in 2 video promos and recaps.


And there you have it! I'll continually be updating it throughout the year and will give a final update New Years Eve!
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Hello friends and friends of friends!

I'm super duper excited to announce that I have just finished illustrating my very first children's book! I've been working on it for the past 3 months and now it has finally come together.

The Gift:
Join Matthew and his friends at his tenth birthday party as he receives a peculiar gift from his parents. Much to his surprise he not only gets an unexpected gift but a lesson that will last a lifetime. Matthew and his dad will take your child on a journey that teaches a simple meaning of freedom and a valuable lesson in honoring America’s veterans. The story is inspired by the author’s own childhood experience and is sure to impact each reader in the very same way.
I've been working with Matt McCarty for these 3 months but I've known and looked up to him since middle school. It really blesses me that he would give me this opportunity. Personally, I think it's a great book for everyone to read (And not just because I illustrated it)! It would mean a lot to me and to Matt if you would preorder the book we've worked so hard on. Even Veterans get a discount! If you want to see more about "The Gift", go to the website here. 


So "The Gift" was my latest big project, which is why I haven't drawn too much personal art on a regular basis. But now that it's done, I have another announcement to make. 

As of right now, I am currently in production for my own children's book series: "The Adventures of Sunny Starling!" I'm creating some art and writing out some stories down at this point, so publishing it is a long ways off. But once I start illustrating and putting it together, I'm planning on having a Kickstarter campaign so I can print and do all the cool stuff!

Sunny Starling will be about a young bird girl in a fantasy world who learns how to apply God's Word in everyday, crazy life. The foundation of these books is this verse in Mathew 6:26 - 
Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?
I don't have a written plan yet, because I have my graduation on my plate along with finding another job... but this could be another way of getting some money while I'm in college! oh gosh, don't even get me started about "college anxiety." But it'll be good, I believe that it will be a smooth process. Like that verse above, I am more valuable than the birds in the air, yet God still cares for them. Everything will be under control!

I'm not sure what's going to happen next, but I'll try and keep in touch with you all about upcoming events. Have a great day, guys!
Took the idea from :iconnemeaux:

1. For the first 15 people who comment on this journal, I will feature one of their characters. I'll also tell you what I like about them. [I will go to your gallery and pick one character, you don't need to tell me which one].
2. If you comment, please do the same in your journal, putting the tagger (or original journalist) in the first slot. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!
It may take me a little while depending on what's going on throughout the day. But hey, I love seeing some amazing original characters!
1. :iconnemeaux: 
I really like the design and uniqueness of this character. All of your characters were interesting, it was difficult to choose! I want to see that story develop.

2. :iconsolarpaintdragon:

I love this cute little dragon, Magma! Her colors and markings are very pleasant to look at, and the style you draw her in is unique. She looks like such a fun character!

3. :iconroguedoodler:

Girl you know imma pick River! She is such an adorable little cutie and so much fun to draw!! I love her personality and the way you draw her expressions, too. Plus I love that pic of her right there... her lil smirk GAH <3

4. :iconritosternbeck:

For some reason, Dr. Glen Insel really appealed to me! I'm a sucker for good antagonists. I like the concept of your protagonists with some sort of power, yet Insel has none but is considered a dangerous enemy. Super cool character!

5. :iconsparkcloudnebula:
<da:thumb id="429125406"/>

Oh my goodness I love this character! I know it's a more recently designed OC, but I'm a sucker for feathered wings and awesome color palettes, and you hit the nail right on the head! Such a great design.

6. :iconkoonmo:

Sylvin is such a beautifully designed character. I love the sides of her body and the details on the face and head. She looks so beautiful and tranquil (Aptly named title for the piece)! I'm interested to see the comic.

7. :iconselectyourself:

I can't tell you how much I love this fairy design! The colors fit perfectly with this character, it certainly has a fantastical feel to it. It's so adorable and detailed and a unique spin to the classic character of a fairy. Your whole gallery is filled with amazing fantasy creatures, it was hard to pick just one! Keep up the great work!


ONE AGAIN. Taking a break from other projects to do another personal piece. Stop by if you wanna!

Open Commissions - 3 Slots

Fri Dec 20, 2013, 12:47 PM
Commissions Are Open

You heard right! I'm opening up commissions for a little bit, since I quit my job I need a little extra cash. It really doesn't matter what you want, I am willing to draw it for you... for a price!

I haven't done this in a while and I may not have covered everything in the Details section. So if anything seems confusing, please ask.


I will be taking cash only, but here is a much easier way to pay me:

All you need is an email and a debit card, and you can send money to me through this program called Square Cash. You don't have to be 18, and it's 1000x easier than paypal.



:bulletwhite: Headshots - $5

Kiwi-sketch by hannahgrace-art

:bulletwhite: Waist Shots - $15

Sketch 2 by hannahgrace-art

:bulletwhite: Full Body Shots - $25

Full body sketch by hannahgrace-art


:bulletwhite: Pencil Outlines - $30

Forest Waltz by hannahgrace-art

:bulletwhite: Digital Outlines - $40

Lineart by hannahgrace-art

Flat Colors

:bulletwhite: Flat Colors - $50

Pose Reference by hannahgrace-art

Detailed Colors

:bulletwhite: Cell Shade - $60

Emmett by hannahgrace-art

:bulletwhite: Soft Shade - $80

Strike A Pose by hannahgrace-art

Full Painting

:bulletwhite: Simplified - $120

Ruffled Feathers by hannahgrace-art

:bulletwhite: Detailed - $180

Let Me Show You by hannahgrace-art

Commission Details - PLEASE READ

If you are interested in commissioning me, here are some more details you will need to know.

:bulletwhite: The prices listed above are not guaranteed final payment. Those are just the cheapest options. The final price all depends on how many hours i've spent on it.

:bulletwhite: My current rate is $20 an hour. So the more characters are in the piece, the longer it takes, and higher the price. Sketches may vary in price, sometimes it doesn't take me that long and other times it takes a couple hours.

:bulletwhite: THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT. These prices are for those who want a commission for personal use and enjoyment. If you want art for public or professional use, my rate goes up. If you want more information on that, send me an email at 

:bulletwhite: And lastly, comment below if you want a commission and note me for more details. Thank you so much guys!


:bulletwhite: 1 -
:bulletwhite: 2 -
:bulletwhite: 3 -