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In Fortree City's Gym, Winona has been challenged by a trainer to receive the Feather Badge upon defeating her. But unfortunately, it did not turn out as it was expected. Winona defeated the trainer and did not give out the badge.

"I'll return when you have trained harder," Winona told the trainer. "Hope to have a rematch with you."

Three days later, Winona is away from her gym as a treat to give herself a break. She took a nice stroll around Route 120. She looked up at the sky and saw a flock of Swablu flying together in a horde. Watching the Swablu fly got her itching to try wanting to fly like the rest of all Flying-Type Pokémon.

"I wish I could fly along with the Swablu," she said dreamingly. "I could be part of the Flying-types. But I don't want to actually fly on a Pokémon."

An idea came quick into her head as she headed back to the gym and went down the basement. She searched everywhere down there hoping to find a helium tank she had kept for herself. She eventually found what she was looking for and pulled out the helium tank.

"Eureka!" cried Winona as she held up the tank in Legend of Zelda style. "It's just what I've been looking for."

After she successfully found her helium tank, she took it along with her and returned to Route 120. She arrived at the glade of the forest and then sat the tank down on the green grass.

"Look out, Hoenn. I'm about to be literally a Flying-Type gym leader who could fly," Winona said and then inserted the air hose into her mouth and turned the dial of the tank.

The tank began to pump a lot of air right into Winona's body causing her to inflate like a balloon. She became slightly but bigger as she started to inflate slowly as she held her arms up high in the air.

Eventually, after 15 minutes had passed, she eventually became bigger than two Wailord's and started to feel her feet lift off from the ground. She started to float away from the surface and up into the sky. She then spat out the air hose before the helium tank could inflate her bigger than she already is and closed her mouth quickly to avoid losing air.

"I feel light as a feather," Winona giggled as she flapped her hands and soared through the skies of Hoenn.

She headed to Route 128 and then to Ever Grande City, and then looked down below as she's floating above the ocean.

"I want to visit other regions," Winona said. "I wonder what all the regions look like."

Winona fled Hoenn as she went to go on a world tour flying over all the regions of the Pokémon World like Kanto, Johto, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos and then the new region called Alola; a region separated into four natural islands including one artificial island.

"Well that was a long travel visiting all these regions," Winona sighed happily. "All of them including the new Alola all look wonderful."

Just then after her tour around the world, she flew back to Hoenn. She encountered a couple of Swablu whom are flying towards into Winona. With their curiosity, the Swablu looked at her inquisitively as a few others sat on her back comfortably.

"Hello there, Swablu," Winona said greeting them.

But a playful and a mischievous Swablu began to play around with Winona by tickling her belly, her breasts and then her nose.

"S-S-Stop it there, you!" Winona laughed as she felt ticklish on her nose. "You're gonna make me--"

Winona was about to sneeze after being tickled on the nose too much. She tried to hold it in but couldn't.

"Ah, ah, ah.... AH-CHOO!!!!" She sneezed loudly causing all the air to be expelled from her mouth.

After Winona had sneezed, she let out all of the air from her body causing her to deflate while whooshing around in the air. With all the remaining air completely gone from her body, she descended downward into the forest of Fortree City and came to a landing in the high tall grass area.

"At least it was funny with what that Swablu did," Winona giggled as she stood up and dusted off her clothes a bit.

Winona found her helium tank from before and took it with her back to the Gym. She then sat down on her chair and wanted to enjoy herself only to inflate her belly and breasts. She spent the entire day enjoying the bliss of her big breasts and belly.

"One day I will fly into the sky once again," Winona said hugging her ballooned belly.
Winona wanted to be a part of the Flying-type Pokemon so she decided to become a balloon herself and experience the opportunity.

Pic. © :iconmechacross:

© Nintendo/GameFreak
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