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Outside of the castle, Hema took a stroll out to find a secluded glade where she can pick some wildflowers. She found the area filled with many colorful flowers maturing on the ground.

"These flowers look so adorable," Hema cooed as she bent down on her knees and started plucking them gently. "Sometimes my father gives me special permission to go by myself as long as I'm home in time for supper and dessert."

Meanwhile, I was walking through the forest minding my own business. I ventured the area until I saw Hema picking flowers and listened to her hum. I recognized her as I immediately went up to say hello to her.

"Howdy-do, Your Highness," I said as I genuflected to her. "How are yewse doing today?"

Hema heard the sound of my voice as she turned around quick and made a smile like she's very happy to see her creator in the flesh and gave me a hug.

"Hello, Master," Hema said. "It's nice to see you again as always. What are you doing here?"

"Just out on a walk," I said. "I see yewse are picking flowers?"

"Yes," Hema nodded. "Picking flowers is what always soothes me and helps calms my nerves from castle attacks."

"Well I got something to make your day a lot moar exciting," I winked as I held up a piece of candy. "It's got yer favorite lemon flavor with this kind of candy."

"Gimme, gimme, gimme!" Hema begged like a kid wanting the parent to buy them a toy at a toy store.

I handed Hema the candy as she quickly threw the candy into her mouth and started to chew with her mouth closed. She smiled with delight and loved it how her creator would give her something sweet to snack on.

"Thank you, Master," Hema said happily. "You are the best creator I ever had."

"Sure thing and thank ye veddy much fer the compliment," I responded with a blush.

Suddenly, Hema then started to swell up with her cheeks puffing up a bit like a blowfish. Her body began to expand with her belly inflating and filled up with air like a balloon. She spread both her arms out and watched herself grow bigger and rounder.

"Oh my lemon pies!" cried Hema. "I'm getting so huge and round like a hot-air balloon!"

"That yew must be," I said in astonishment of watching Hema inflate larger.

Hema continued to expand and inflate into the size of a 10 ft. diameter blimp with her breasts huge and round. Now with Hema being a giant sized balloon, her feet began to lift from the ground and started to ascend to the sky.

"Don't you want to take a ride on me, Master?" Hema said and winked at me.

"Of course I do!" I smiled as I jumped up real high like a frog and landed onto her back. "Who knew I had this kind of a supernatural ability to jump higher?"

"You are so full of magic and imaginations," Hema giggled as she flapped her hands. "That's what makes you the best, Master."

"Thank yewse, Hema," I said as I climbed around and hugged her belly.

"You're welcome. Where would you like me to fly you to?" Hema asked.

"Fly me around anywhere," I replied while still hugging her belly.

"Well you better hold on tight," Hema said as she saw me clinging to her belly.

Hema then flew around in the sky above the clouds for a while as I enjoyed the ride. I even made sure I held on tight to make sure I do not fall off and not looking down. The ride so far has been pleasant as it was all quiet and relaxing. Hema flipped over into a position where like she's lying down on her back with her belly up in the air.

"How are you down there, Master?" Hema said peering up a smile at me. "You got a pretty good strong grip there," she added as she flapped her hands.

"So far I am perty good, thanks fer asking, Hema," I replied by returning a smile at her. "Yer belly feels so soft like a giant pillow," I added as I lied down and snuggled on her belly like I wanted to take a nap.

Time has passed nearing towards the evening as Hema continued to fly around for a while until it was time for her to deflate. The candy's effect just now began to wear off as Hema started to descend down to the ground for a safe landing. Upon floating down, she landed on her feet softly as I got off safely.

"Thank you so much, Master," Hema said hugging me once again. "I had a wonderful time flying with you."

"'Tis my pleasure, Your Highness," I said as I embraced her in a hug and gave me a peck on the cheek.

"But I simply must return to the castle. Hope we can see each other again soon," Hema said as she left to return back to the castle and waved at me.

"Hope you take care and be safe, Your Highness," I said as I waved to her and watched her leave. "Perhaps I will soon prepare something with Hema wearing a yellow colored 1971's Violet Beauregarde outfit in a next story," I said winking at the audience which foreshadows the event that will soon happen later down the road.
Hema had a special day of picking wildflowers until I decided to meet her. I made Hema's day moar exciting by giving her a candy to blow her up into a princess balloon in this story.

Pic. © :iconthestartraveler:

Hema © Me
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