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Pepper and Elena are hanging out together as they began their day by going on a mini adventure. The two girls ventured their way out towards the fields after exiting Redlyn Woods.

"What do you want to do today?" Pepper asked while walking silly by hunching over and dragging her arms.

"I don't know," Elena replied and walked silly like her best friend as well. "What do you want to do today?"

They repeated the same question over and over until Elena saw a mysterious tree growing bubble berries, one of the rare types of fruit that are difficult to find.

"I know what I want to do today," Elena said as she finally figured out what she and Pepper could do together.

"What do you see, Elena?" Pepper asked.

"I spy a... bubble berry," Elena replied as she pointed up to the tree. "I could try to get it of them for us but I'm a scaredy-cat when it comes to heights," she added feeling a little bit feared.

"Now don't you worry," Pepper reassured her and smiled. "I'll catch you if you fall. That's what friends are here for."

"Okay," Elena nodded and proceeded to climbed up the tree to pluck off two full grown bubble berries off a branch.

Elena held the two berries in both of her hands and then clambered down the tree safely. Pepper didn't need to catch her after all as the tree wasn't too high for Elena.

"Let's see what this little berry could do," Elena said as she opened her mouth real slow and held the berry close in between her teeth.

Elena took a bite on the berry and chewed. It was so good that she had just to finish it all off in a few bites.

"I bet something good might happen," Pepper smiled. "Perhaps one of those edible magic berries could grant us three wishes!"

"It would be amazing if that could happen!" Elena laughed.

Pepper joined in laughter as they laughed together until Elena began to feel her body swelling a little bit.

"I feel a little lightheaded," Elena said putting a hand over her head.

Elena then began to inflate like a balloon starting with her dress expanding along with her body. Her belt could only stand the pressure until it finally felt the urge to snap off making a loud "POP!" noise.

"You're blowing up like a balloon!" cried Pepper and watched her best friend to continue growing bigger.

"Literally," Elena replied as she watched herself expand even bigger and rounder into a giant round blimp.

Elena then noticed her dress lifted up causing her white panties to show as she became bigger. Eventually, Elena stopped growing bigger as she is now a giant round blimp. Pepper couldn't help but let out a smile and then jumped onto her belly and peered down at her.

"C'mon, let's go for a flight in the sky!" she said patting Elena's belly with both her hands.

"Okay then," Elena smiled as she began to float up high into the sky. "Up, up and away we go!"

Elena flew up into the sky while Pepper clutched onto her dress to make sure she doesn't let go. Elena flapped her hands and kicked her feet joyfully as she doesn't seem to mind it.

"Ain't this fun, Elena?" Pepper asked. "It sure is a nice breeze up here," she added and felt the wind blowing gently.

"Very much so, yes," Elena smirked and then performed a couple of flips.

"Whoa!" cried Pepper as she held on tight to her dress and felt a little nauseous. "Don't flip too much, I may get motion sickness!"

"Whoops... my bad," Elena blushed with a sweat drop appearing on her head.

The two girls spend most of the day flying up in the air over the lands as much possible they can. By the time it was sunset, Elena began to deflate as Pepper's ride had come to an end. Elena landed safely on the ground as Pepper got off and laughed together.

"I had a very pleasant ride," Pepper said and gave Elena a friendly hug.

"Glad you could be my favorite passenger," Elena chuckled. "Maybe I should run a business of flying people but I can only carry one at a time," she added.

"Maybe one day you can get bigger to carry a lot of people," Pepper told her.

"We'll see about it," Elena replied.

The two girls had to go back home to their own houses in time for supper. If they want to do it again, all they would have to do is find another bubble berry.
Pepper and Elena spend their day together as Elena inflates into a big balloon and allowed Pepper to take a ride on her.

Pic. © :iconmrpr1993:

Pepper and Elena 
© :iconnovamcknighten:
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