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During my free day, all I wanted to do today was to visit one of my characters. I decided that I should give Swift Vilunim a visit as I made my way to her house.

"I wonder how Swift is doing?" I wondered. "It's been a while since I've heard anything about her. She still strives to be the best treasure hunter and the fastest girl in the world."

Eventually, I arrived at Swift's house after a five mile walk which wasn't too bad for a little exercise. I knocked on the door a few times to wait for Swift to answer and open. The door then opened and there was Swift, the cute feisty blonde-haired warrior.

"Hello! Who might you be, dude?" Swift asked. "Don't even think about picking on me because of I'm 'smol'," she added as she folded her arms and made a straight face knowing that she hates being picked on for her small size.

"No need to worry about it, Swift," I reassured her as I patted her head gently. "I am Nova Aka Master who created you."

Swift then realized that she forgot who I was. She remembered that I am her creator and changed her hostile behavior into a friendly one as she let out a smile on her face now knowing it was me.

"M-M-Master?!" Swift stuttered excitingly as she jumped up and glomped me. "How have you been doing?! I've haven't seen you in a long time!"

I embraced her into a friendly hug. "So far I've been doing good. Thanks for asking, Swift."

"Well come on in and hang out with me, Master," Swift said as she took my hand and pulled me into her house. "I was just about to have a big feast of pizza and doughnuts."

"Building up your appetite on pizza and doughnuts eh? You sure you don't mind eating a lot even if it hinders your running speed?"

"Pfft," Swift scoffed. "Of course, I will still be able to burn lots of calories since I'm the fastest running girl on this planet," she added with a wink.

"I see," I replied.

Swift then headed to the table filled with lots of pizza and doughnuts, smacked her lips and began to chow down on the food. I then watched her eat the whole entire mountain with her pulling the pizzas apart with her teeth as if they were stretching out like taffy candy. She then grabbed many doughnuts and ate them in all sorts of ways, even a dozen at a time.

As Swift continued to eat more and more, she progressively began to grow fatter and huger starting with her belly bulging within her shirt and jacket. Her belly became so huge that it eventually exposed itself. She also then started to have a double chin on her fat face. Her shorts have also stretched out within her huge fat growing body.

"My, my, you're getting very huge there, Swift," I said in awe still watching her getting huger. "Quite a large feast you had there eh?"

Swift had now finished everything off the table only leaving crumbs as the remainders of the pizzas and doughnuts. She let out a cute burp as she rubbed and patted her big belly.

"Man, that was pretty good pizza and doughnuts," Swift sighed happily in content. "The food coma will soon be setting in."

"Indeed, it will," I said smiling as I rubbed and poked her belly playfully. "Does it feel good to not be 'smol', Swift?"

Swift resented the word "smol" as she made a mischievous smirk on her face.

"This is what I'll do," Swift said as she turned around with her huge rear facing me and then decided to take a seat on me. "I sit on you, sit on you, sit on you."

"Oof!" I yelped as I made a surprised grin on my face upon being sat on. "I think you had too much pizza and many doughnuts."

"Well, Master," Swift began as she giggled and looked behind towards me. "Whenever I become this huge, I will have the opportunity to sit on you anytime you try to tease me about my size."

"I could never make fun of your small size 'cause I'm very respectful," I smiled. "Would you perhaps like a big hug before I can go?"

After understanding about what I said and knew that I would never make fun of her, she decided to get up to let me free and then patted her belly.

"Come give me a big hug, Master," Swift said spreading her arms out.

I gave her belly a nice big hug as I rested my head against her soft blubber that felt like I'm resting on a pillow filled with marshmallows. Swift then hugged me close pressing me up against her belly.

"Thank you for hanging out with me, Master," Swift said.

"I'm very happy I could hang out with you, Swift my girl," I said still hugging her and feeling the warmth of her belly.
A story about me visiting my character Swift to watch her become huge just so she's not smol.

Pic. © :iconrobot001:

Swift Vilunim 
© Me
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