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Snjór White is an Ice-type warrior who wields a spear and is the guardian of Fortundra, her hometown which is part of a cold and snowy region. She loves snowball fights, her snow dragon Aeron, playing ice hockey and she is very loyal to Queen Aneira. Her favorite food is ice-cream as she loves frozen treats.

On a Sunday noon, Snjór White had nothing to do but sit around on a quiet day there was no trouble today. She daydreamed a bit about having ice-cream as she imagined herself being huge and bloated.

"I'm kind of in the mood for some ice-cream right now," Snjór said as she got up and went to the kitchen to see if she has any ice-cream.

She checked every place in the kitchen and luckily, she had a lot of buckets of ice-cream varying in different flavors like cherry, mint and any others that can be named.

"Good thing I bought a lot of ice-cream just in case a time like this happens," Snjór smiled as she unloaded every single bucket of ice-cream onto the table.

She then found a big bowl and began to mix up her ice-cream like she's making a sundae.

"Yum, yum," Snjór said slurping at the sight of her dessert. "This sundae is going to be the most delicious one yet," she added as she then started to dig in by scooping up the ice-cream with a spoon and ate.

Snjór then continued to eat her sundae slowly to start with until she then ate a bit faster than before. She enjoyed the taste of a delicious frosty creamy treat like she's in heaven as she closed her eyes and kept eating. The more ice-cream she ate, she suddenly began growing big and round with her belly bulging within her short white outfit causing her blue panties with snowball like polka-dots showing. She then grew huger than before into a heavy bottom shape with her legs bloating up rounder and her bare belly showing as well. The only parts of her body not affected by her growth as her upper body like head and arms as they were not affected.

Until at last, there came time that she couldn’t continue eating the whole sundae as she then became a bit tired from all the eating. She opened her eyes and found herself huge and bloated just like how her daydream happened.

"How in the world did I become so large and round?" Snjór pondered in astonishment like she's never seen herself huge before. "I could even see my underwear," she added feeling a bit embarrassed with a blush.

Snjór stood up on her own feet and then waddled out of the kitchen back to the living room. She didn't even notice the orange colored ice-cream stuff on her face until now which made her giggle.

"Looks like I got a bit messy on my face," she laughed as she licked off the ice-cream from her mouth with her tongue.
On a lazy Sunday, Snjór White decided to treat herself to a big sundae by mixing up lots of ice-cream as she becomes huge into a bottom-heavy shape.

© :iconthe-silver-soldier:

Snjór White © Me
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Prinny129 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2017
Cute story ^^
HannahDoma Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thankies. :)
Prinny129 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2017
No problem ;)
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