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Serena is a beautiful half sea angel/half Oni woman with long green hair and green horns. Not only she has a very huge appetite but a really big sweet tooth.

One day, Serena went to go to Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream factory to find some ice-cream to eat. Fortunately, she secretly brought a spoon along and searched for the storage room. She came across the storage room and went inside to look for what she needed.

"Oh where could the huge supply of my favorite cookie dough ice-cream be?" she sang a song in a playful manner. "Oh where, oh where can it be?"

She eventually came across to what she was looking for--a huge supply of her cookie dough ice-cream flavor. She was overjoyed to have found her ice-cream and whipped out her spoon.

"Look out you beauties," Serena said. "Here comes Serena!"

Serena proceeded to dig into the cookie dough ice-cream as if she was using her spoon like a shovel and began to eat the whole supply. While she kept on eating, she noticeably grew bigger progressively and devoured all of the remaining ice-cream from all the containers including every last drop.

"Boy, that was good stuff," Serena smiled.

But then she noticed her bloated belly and blushed much to her love of being full and bloated. However, it was not enough to fill her satisfaction. She then wished that there would be more of cookie dough ice-cream than what she previously had.

"I'm going to need a lot more than that to make me a happy lady," Serena giggled. "There's no stopping until--"

Her speech was cut off as she found a huge vat of cookie dough ice cream much to her surprise. She didn't even know there would be another supply of her favorite ice cream but it made her happier there would be more.

"There's more ice-cream for me?" she smiled and then saw a hose and a tap connected to the vat. "I've hit the jackpot baby!"

She inserted the hose into her mouth and began to drink the entire vat. She kept drinking as she closed her eyes as if she feels like she's in heaven. She grew even bigger than before causing her to bloat up more. Her belt then snapped off as she eventually blimped up into a huge ice-cream filled balloon. The vat then eventually became empty after she drank the whole entire ice cream. She spat out the hose and felt content about getting her fill.

"That tasted wonderful as always," Serena sighed happily in content. "Ben & Jerry's have the best cookie dough ice-cream ever."

Afterwards, she lied down on the floor as she felt tired to leave the storage room. She gave out a big "urp" and then proceeded to fall asleep because she felt soft and full. She then started to dream about having even more ice-cream like she wanted to live in a world full of cookie dough ice cream and never leave that dimension.
A story fer :iconprinny129: about his character Serena who has a huge appetite for her favorite ice-cream flavor, cookie dough.

Pic. © :iconwariowarefanatic:

© :iconprinny129:
Prinny129 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2016
Absolutely loved it ❤️ 😍

Thank you so much 😆👍
HannahDoma Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Glad ya enjoyed it!
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