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By the stroke of midnight, Sage Grimm, the young witch apprentice in training is concocting some witchcraft like hex and black magic spells inside her cottage. She's been busy throughout the whole entire day as she began to feel a bit sleepy.

"Coming up with all this witch crafting did use up my energy like my battery needs some recharging," Sage said as she yawned a bit.

Her pet cat Lilith approached her and shed herself against Sage's leg to let her know she loves her. Sage responded by petting her head gently and let out a smile making Lilith purr.

"You are such a good kitty, Lilith," she said as she picked up the cat and held her close to her face. "One more spell and I'll be heading to bed shortly."

Sage then put Lilith down onto the floor who meowed sweetly and headed towards Sage's bed, jumped up and lied down in a position where she tucked in her front paws underneath her in a cat loaf position.

"Just one more hex spell," Sage said continuing her final spell for the night.

However, the minute Sage could successfully create the spell, it backfired causing her to become frustrated after all the hard work she put into this day.

"What's up with all my hex spells not working?" Sage frowned and stamped her feet a bit. "Are they really that difficult to--"

Suddenly, her speech was cut off as she began to feel strange for some apparent reason. She then felt her body inflating like she's being filled up with air like a balloon. Much to her surprise, her belly was the first to inflate through her dress.

"Is this the hex spell that backfired but blowing me up like a balloon?" Sage said still frowning at the sight of her ballooning body.

Sage continued to inflate and expand wider into a huge spherical shape growing a bit bigger and taller. Her hands and feet have become absorbed deep into her ballooned body and titled onto her back.

"Well isn't this just great," Sage complained and flapped her hands. "All this just to work on the last hex spell for tonight."

Lilith then awoke to see her owner being all bloated into a huge balloon shape. She jumped off Sage's bed and approached her as she let out another meow. She climbed up onto Sage's ballooned body, lied down on top of her belly and drifted off to sleep as she found something comfier than her owner's bed.

"Well at least Lilith found me being a comfy balloon bed for her," she said turning a frown into a smile as she could see her cat getting a good night sleep as she herself went to sleep as well.
A quickie inflation story of my witch character Sage Grimm being inflated and her pet cat Lilith finding her owner being a comfy balloon bed.

Pic. © :iconambipucca:

Sage Grimm and Lilith 
© Me
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