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Name: Mythia Celtil
Hometown: Sottheim (formerly), Mystera Forest (currently)
Age: 23
Height: 5'6"
Weight: Never telling due to embarrassment.
Gender: Female
Eyes: Green
Hair: Green
Species: Half-elf
Occupation: Magician/Alchemist
Personality Traits: Shy, modest, clumsy, a bit of a Nervous Nellie, very smart and intelligent, has forest smarts, polite, determined to improve her magic, rarely gets angry (except at certain moments when she gets ticked off such as being interrupted from her work) and old-fashioned. In battle, she proves herself very useful and will fight alongside with her allies when needed. Due to her modesty, she prefers to cover up her body as she is not comfortable with showing skin.

Likes: Experimenting magic, reading books, taking walks outside, researching, flowers and nature, Herb's company and being with her.
Dislikes: Revealing clothing, being accused as a pyromaniac, badly prepared food from her poor cooking, being interrupted from her work, messing up her experiments, her magic not working, losing her glasses and unwanted comments about her body.

Attributes: She mainly uses a staff to cast all elemental types of magic. She's an expert of casting spells by enchanting the words faster the more she improves.
Weaknesses: She cannot see without her glasses due to her limited visibility, she has a fear of fire ever since the incident back at the Sorcery Academy. She has social anxiety meaning she gets nervous often due to her shyness. She is forgetful sometimes and samples her potions without thinking straight. She's proven not to be a great cook since her skills lack horribly and cannot cook due to her fear of fire.

Goal(s): To improve her magic and overcome her fear of fire.

Background:  Mythia was a graduated student at the Sorcery Academy in Sottheim. By the time she was 18, she gave out a presentation by experimenting a potion that'll cure any kind of illness in the world. However, her clumsiness got in her way and made her project to go awry as the fire began to burn down the place out of control causing a huge evacuation. Mythia blamed herself for burning down the building as it was an accidental fire. After the catastrophe at Sorcery Academy, Mythia left Sottheim and moved into a cottage in Mystera Forest. Since then, she confined herself as a recluse but is befriended by an elven girl named Herb who admires her a lot. Mythia hired the elven girl as her assistant after Herb offered to help her around by running errands and make lunches.
I updated her bio with moar details about my shy magician character Mythia. This is fer those who haven't seen what she looks like.

Voice Actor:

Lauren Landa (Annie Leonhart from Attack on Titan, Xenovia from High School DxD New and Kasumi from Dead or Alive 5)

Mythia Celtil © Me
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August 17, 2016
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