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On a fine warm day, I went to go see Mona, the mother of Nova McKnight. As I reached her house after a good length of walking, I knocked on her door and waited for her to answer. But before Mona could see me, I suddenly shrunk down to the size like Umaru-Chan's Inside Form.

"Hello there," Mona said after opening the door and noticed how small I became. "Who are you, small one?"

"I am Nova," I said introducing myself. "I believe I am the creator of you and your son, Nova McKnight."

"So you're the one who created us, Master?" Mona smiled as she couldn't believe she's able to meet her creator in flesh and blood. "Well come on in! It's a pleasure to see the person who created me!"

Mona opened the door for me as I went inside and looked around her house. It wasn't much of a big house but just an average and small one story cottage.

"What you doing, Miss McKnight?" I asked her and then got distracted with a fresh scent that could be coming from the food. "And what is that delicious cooking I smell?" I added as I sniffed the air.

"You came in just in time for some lunch I'm already cooking," Mona smiled. "I am making some curry, vegetable stir fry, turkey and lots of other things because I have a huge appetite," she added as she patted her flat tummy.

"Must be a smorgasbord for lunch I say!" I replied in astonishment.

Mona continued cooking many foods until it was time for her to eat them. She then set all the food on the table and sat down at the table.

"Would you like to join me for lunch?" Mona smiled and pulled a chair out close to her.

"Yepper doodles!" I said smiling back as I sat down next to her.

Mona began to feast on the food slowly like a properly well-mannered guest at a restaurant. But then as she kept going, she then started to gorge on the food fast. She began to make chewing noises like smacking her lips and munching hungrily like a dog.

"You must be one hungry lady," I said while watching her eat rapidly.

Mona couldn't reply to my comment as she was still busy chowing down all the food on the table. As she continued to eat, she began to increase in size as far as her belly bulging within her dress. She kept eating and progressively grew bigger and fatter until she became the shape of being a huge fat blob. Mona was so huge that her head could almost touch the ceiling.

"This is the largest portion of lunch I ever had in a while," Mona said rubbing her happy belly in content.

"My, that is quite the biggest portion I have now seen you eat, Mrs. McKnight," I replied and then looked up to her. "Can I see you from up there?"

"I don't think I can see you from below," Mona replied trying to peer through her belly but couldn't see him from below. "I think you may need to climb on up," she added as she patted her belly.

I climbed up onto her belly as Mona then lied down on the floor. I reached to the top of her belly and then sat down comfortably on her blubber.

"Are you comfortable, master?" Mona asked wanting to make sure I'm all snuggled up nicely.

"Yes, Mrs. McKnight," I replied as I snuggled on top of her warm belly. "It's so soft I could take a nap here," I added as I felt a little tired.

"Feel free to nap on my belly if you like, master," Mona replied as she petted him like a dog.

"That would be wonderful, Mrs. McKnight," I replied as I start to sleepily close my eyes and drifted off to sleep instantly.

"Nap well, master," Mona whispered sweetly as she put a little blanket over me. "Oh, he is so cute when he's a chibi," she added as she adored me by how small I became like Umaru-Chan.

By the time I was already asleep, Mona decided to do the same thing and went to sleep herself. Spending time with Mona McKnight became one of the best days I ever had.
In this story, I decided to visit Mona McKnight, the mother of my knight character Nova McKnight.

Pic. © :iconrobot001:

© Me
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Otaku-Artisan Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2017
Really? She invites you into her house for lunch and doesn't even offer you any food? That's a little rude.
HannahDoma Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I didn't mind it. ^^
Otaku-Artisan Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2017
Maybe not in your case, but most other people would find it to be a little disrespectful. I know I'd pretty annoyed if someone invited me to lunch then proceeded to eat all the food without leaving a single scrap behind for me. Especially if they were serving a dish I really liked.
Revivedracer209 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Takes meeting your own creations to a new level!
HannahDoma Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
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