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It was near closing time at the bakery as midnight fell. Mona on the other hand started to feel hungry before she could close the shop for the night. Her stomach growled like a tiger as it would nag her to fill her belly up with food.

"I'd like to lock up my bakery but I feel kind of hungry," Mona said and placed her hand on her flat tummy. "All these delicacies I have prepared all day for my customers," she added as she looked at the whole amount of food she baked today.

Deciding not to leave the bakery, she put the keys away into her dress pocket and developed a hungry look on her face. It's the perfect chance for her to get her midnight fill as she started to take out everything from the shelves and started to eat them.

"Yum, yum!" Mona smiled as she held a piece of loaf bread in her hands and chewed happily with her eyes closed. "Everything I make in this bakery taste oh so wonderful because of my cooking," she added feeling like she made an accomplishment.

Mona continued to eat all the bread, pastries including doughnuts, cakes and all sorts of sweets anyone could think of. She then noticeably started to become bigger and taller with a round body shape while still eating thus growing into a bottom-heavy shape.

Her dress lifted up causing her belly to be exposed and her panties to show and then her feet became smaller due to her legs being bloated. Her upper body was not affected as they were still normal. Mona now became huge and bloated and was unaware of her new size as she kept chewing away happily like she's in heaven.

That is until she opened her eyes and now realized she was huge and round like she had a growth spurt. Mona couldn't help but gasp a bit about how much she had eaten without knowing she would be huge and put her hands against her cheeks.

"Oh, how silly of me to eat all of them," Mona said while blushing and saw all the crumbs surrounding her. "I can even barely see my feet," she added as she wiggled her little feet as she was unable to see down from her belly.

Mona then tried to get up and stand on her own little feet. She had a little bit of a trouble but she eventually managed to stand up properly.

"Whew," Mona sighed in relief as she brushed off the crumbs from her dress. "Now that I had my 'midnight' snack here, I think I need to head home now," she added as she waddled towards the door.

She tried to get past through the door but got stuck for a bit until she could squeeze herself through. But after Mona squeezed herself out, the door broke off and she is unable to lock up the bakery.

"I'm sure I'll get a new door soon," Mona said having no fear of her empty bakery being robbed. "It's not like anyone can rob an empty bakery store and find that I ate every single food there."

Mona then headed towards home as she waddled all the way in the night sky. She felt very satisfied that she could please her tummy so she could have a wonderful sleep tonight.
Mona decided to have a big appetite by eating all the food in her bakery shop before going home fer the night.

Pic. © :iconsilver-soldier:

Swift © Me
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Nice story Nova ^^
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Thankies. :)
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No problem;)
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That's very good!
Well done, Nova!!
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Thanks a bunch! :bow:
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