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I went outside to go on an afternoon stroll to get some fresh air from my house. I headed towards the field down on the path and wondered what will happen on this fine day. That I will soon find out as I saw Pepper, the red headed female knight in red armor.

"Howdy-do, Pepper!" I called out as I waved to her.

Pepper turned around and saw me as she made a smile on her cute freckled face. She felt very happy that she finally gets the perfect chance to see her creator in flesh and blood.

"Master!" cried Pepper as she ran towards me, jumped up and glomped me with a hug.

"It's good to see you, Pepper," I said embracing her in a hug. "Howse yew been doing lately?"

"So far so good," Pepper replied. "Still keeping the castle protected from bad guys. But my fire just burns away the evil," she added and winked at him. "What brings you here?"

"I just went out for a walk and such," I replied. "Plus, I got you a little something," I added as I dug into my pocket and held out a piece of candy.

"That piece of candy looks so tasty," Pepper said as she looked at the candy in my hand. "Gimme, gimme, gimme!" she continued and begged.

"Here ya go, Pepper my girl," I said as I handed her the piece of candy and smiled.

"Thank you, Master!" cried Pepper and popped the candy right into her mouth and began chewing on it and then gulped after swallowing it.

"How was the candy, Pepper?" I asked with a smile.

"It was very good thank you," Pepper replied and smiled in return. "It tasted like it was some kind of a Tootsie Roll."

Suddenly, Pepper felt a bit light headed when the candy's effect immediately started to kick in. She began to inflate like a balloon starting with her belly first. She became surprised of how and why the candy started to blow her up.

"Oh my chili peppers!" cried Pepper as she watched herself expanding bigger and rounder.

Pepper then inflated bigger as she became rounder like she's becoming a giant red weather balloon. Her hands and her feet are now absorbed deep into her giant ballooned body as her breasts expanded huge and round. By the time Pepper was done inflating, she was now the biggest red ballooned knight.

"I feel so huge and light as a feather," Pepper giggled as she flapped her hands and closed her eyes in happiness.

"How do ya feel, Pepper?" I said looking up to her feeling like I wanted to give her a big hug right now. "Would you like a hug?"

"Yes, please," Pepper smiled and flapped her hands again. "Give me a big hug, Master."

In response, I jumped up like a frog onto her ballooned body and landed on her belly with a glomp. She felt soft like a giant marshmallow that she could be the best place to take a nap on after a long day.

"You are so cute even when yew’re inflated, Pepper," I said muffling while I buried my face close to her belly.

"Aww, thank you, Master," Pepper replied with a blush. "And thank you for the candy. It was very thoughtful of you to give me a little something to snack on after a long day of knightly work."

"Anytime, Pepper," I said as I patted her belly. "Well it seems like I've got something important to do. Do you want to return back to normal or stay ballooned?"

Pepper gave a little time to think about an answer to my question. She wanted to deflate to her regular size but today, she wanted to be a floating red knight balloon for the day.

"Don't worry about me, Master," Pepper replied. "I'm sure I'll deflate sometime later. But for now, I want to enjoy my break by flying around frivolously," she added with a jolly laugh.

"Very well then. Take care and I'll be happy to see ya again, Pepper," I said as I began to walk off and then waved to her from a distance.

"Bye, Master!" Pepper replied and wanted to wave back to me but couldn't because of her hands still sunken deep into her ballooned body.

For the rest of the day, Pepper continued to enjoy her day of floating around like a balloon and thought about me. She felt incredibly lucky that she got to meet her creator for the first time.
On my afternoon walk, I met Pepper and decided to hang out with her today and gave her a little candy to blow her up into a giant knight balloon.

Pic. © :iconspeedster92:

Pepper © Me
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