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Elena sat in her room thinking of how she could get Kurai's attention. She had to come up with some kind of a plan that will work to him to notice her.

"Any idea on how I can make Kurai notice me?" she said tapping on her chin with her finger. "Maybe Pepper could help me with an idea."

Just then, Pepper appeared outside of Elena's bedroom came as she came for a visit and knocked on her door.

"Knock, knock," Pepper said trying to make a knock-knock joke.

"Um, who's there?" Elena answered and played along.


"Pepper who?"

"Pepper heard that you need an idea on how you can get Kurai's attention!"

Elena couldn't help but give a chuckle to Pepper's new knock-knock joke. She always enjoyed listening to her ginger-haired best friend's jokes.

"It's open," Elena smiled.

Pepper pushed the door open and entered into Elena's bedroom.

"So I hear that you need an idea to get Kurai to pay attention to you, correct?" Pepper asked.

"Why yes I do need your help," Elena replied.

"Hmm," Pepper pondered for a bit until an idea came to her mind. "Guess what I got for you?"

"Is it a present for me?" Elena smiled as her best friend would give her an early present even though it's not her birthday today.

Pepper pulled out a jumbo bag of bigger marshmallows looking big enough to roast on a campfire. She had to use some of her allowance to buy some to either have for later or give them to her best friend.

"You bought a bag of marshmallows for me?" Elena asked. "Well they do look tasty I bet," she added with a giggle.

"Open wide, Elena!" Pepper said as Elena did what she told her to do.

Pepper began to stuff Elena with many marshmallows until the bag was all empty. She had to rush back to the store and go buy many more bags of marshmallows she possibly could as long as she had enough gold.

"Here's a lot more where they came from!" Pepper said throwing down many bags of marshmallows on the floor. "Let's make you into a squishiest Marshm-Elena!"

Pepper continued to feed a lot more marshmallows as Elena grew bigger and squishier with her dress starting to rip and tear. Her hips and her belly became big enough that her navel began to stick out.

After every single bag was all finished, Elena became surprised of how she feels like she's a walking squishy marshmallow.

"How does it feel, Marshm-Elena?" Pepper smiled as she poked Elena's squishy belly and then hugged it that felt soft like a pillow.

"Um, what will Kurai think of me like this?" Elena said blushing thinking of how Kurai would react to seeing her being a soft marshmallow.

"Well let's go show him!" Pepper said as she grabbed Elena by her hand and attempted to drag her out of her bedroom.

"If you insist," Elena replied feeling hesitated.

But after Pepper ran out of the room, she let go of Elena's hand and fell off to the floor landing on her behind.

"Oof!" Pepper yelped in pain just a little. "I'm alright!" she added giving thumbs up and got back up.

"A little help please?" Elena giggled after watching her friend doing a pratfall.

As soon as the girls managed to get out of the bedroom and the house, they both saw Kurai as he turned around and went completely blank after seeing Elena differently.

"What in the world happened to you?" Kurai said as he finally spoke.

"I'm Marshm-Elena, the softest and the squishiest marshmallow you ever laid your eyes on," Elena said giggling.

Elena was proud to see how Kurai would react. But Kurai himself wasn't sure what he thought of her shape as he doesn't seem to mind one bit about it.
My first ever story based on marshmallow expansion.

Trying to come up with a way to get Kurai's attention, Pepper feeds Elena a lot of marshmallows to make her into a Marshm-Elena.

Pic. © :iconambipucca:

Elena, Pepper and Kurai 
© :iconnovamcknighten:
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