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After a prolonged battle, Kalyn still had the vigor to continue fighting for her country until she finally claimed victory along with her allies.

"Hoo boy," sighed Kalyn in relief. "We managed to defeat our enemies as it was worth fighting for Glaidor. I wonder how I should celebrate our victory?"

Kalyn pondered for a moment until she thought about having a huge feast as a commemorate way to celebrate Glaidor's victory.

"I'm thinking that I should treat myself to a feast," Kalyn said feeling a bit hungry. "All this fighting sure did get my stomach growling.

Kalyn decided to head down to a nearby restaurant a few blocks around the city. She eventually found the place and got herself a table.

"I wonder what I should order from here?" she said as she looked at the menu checking out each dish. "Oh, I can't decide on which one I want," she added feeling like she couldn't choose a favorite. "I think I will order every single dish from the entire menu including desserts."

A waiter then approached Kalyn to take her order. He had a smile on his face upon seeing a beautiful pink-haired knight having lunch.

"What would the beautiful cleric knight like to have today?" He said.

"I think I will have every dish you got on the menu including the desserts," Kalyn replied.

"Oh, everything eh?" He said surprisingly as he jotted down her big order. "That will be quite a huge feast. Are you perhaps having a celebratory meal today?"

"Indeed, I am," Kalyn said.

"Thank you for the big order," he said with a wink. "Your large feast will be here fresh and hot all for you soon," he added as he left and headed back to the kitchen.

All Kalyn could do to kill time was to sit around and waste time by people watching. She watched many people have their lunch and chatting about general stuff together. While watching them eat around her, she couldn't help but feel anticipated to chow down on her large victory feast.

"I'm guessing my large feast is taking quite a while," Kalyn said. "But the people who work here must have put a lot of time and dedication to feed everyone here. I sure hope they don't overexert themselves," she added feeling a bit bad about the people who work hard to please every single customer.

Finally, it was about time as her chance to eat had come. Her large feast eventually arrived at her table. The server laid down every meal on the table in a mountain pile as Kalyn made a slurping sound with her tongue.

"Enjoy your meal, Miss Cleric Knight," the waiter said with a smile and left.

"Thank you for such a big meal," Kalyn said as she stared at her large feast. "For Glaidor!" she announced while holding a fork in her hand.

Kalyn then started to chow down on her meal one by one slowly until she became a bit more faster each time. She kept on eating and eating a lot more as she began to progressively grow bigger with her belly starting to bulge within her armor. She stopped for a moment as she took a glance at her big belly.

"I must be getting big," Kalyn blushed as she poked her tummy. "But I must continue eating this gorgeous feast!" She added feeling like gaining a bit of weight won't stop her appetite from getting cold.

Kalyn continued to eat as she then grew bigger and taller into a giant bottom-heavy shape. Her knight armored dress began to lift up causing not only her belly to be exposed but her pink panties with white flowers showing as well. It's surprising on how her armor can even withstand the pressure of her heavy weight size and not break off like if they've been reinforced to become stronger.

At last, every single plate on the table are now all empty as Kalyn sighed in content and happily rubbed her belly. She then felt a bit embarrassed about how her panties can catch the attention of the public eye.

"I hope nobody could get a glimpse of my pink panties with flowers," Kalyn said blushing as she paid the bill and quietly waddled out of the restaurant.

After leaving the restaurant, Kalyn decided to leave the city and head out into the fields to look for some quiet time. She started to feel a bit sleepy as she wanted to take a nap under the tree. She waddled to the tree and lied down on the grass.

"That was the best victory meal I could ever have," Kalyn said smiling as she rubbed and patted her belly once again. "The food coma must be setting in," she added with a yawn.

Kalyn then closed her eyes and fell asleep with a smile on her lovely face like an angel she is. She had the best meal she could ever have in her life as she will cherish that moment for the rest of her life.
To celebrate her victory, Kalyn decided to have a large feast resulting in her becoming a bottom-heavy cleric knight.

Pic. © :iconsilver-soldier:

Kalyn Rose 
© Me
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Congratulations to Kalyn, hope she enjoys her rest.
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She deserves a good one indeed.
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