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Princess Jasmine stood by the railing of her balcony overlooking the city of Agrabah. She sighed a little bit feeling like she doesn't get out to interact with her people much. Being stuck inside the castle without having any friends must have been a lonely life for her except for unwanted suitors who show up at the palace.

"I wish there was a way I could see what the whole Agrabah is like," Jasmine said thinking about what she desires to see outside of the palace.

Suddenly, in response to her words, Genie emerged out of his lamp as a blue colored smoke and appeared. His cheerful attitude can put anyone's moody day to ease without fail.

"What was that you wish for, Your Highness?" Genie asked her with a smile. "I hear that you want to see what's beyond outside of Agrabah?"

"Yes, Genie," Jasmine said with a smile on her beautiful face and looked up to the sky. "I wish I could fly all around Agrabah like the birds I freed from their cages."

"One bona fide princess balloon coming up!" Genie said as he used his powers to grant Jasmine's wish finishing with a blue POOF! magic cloud.

After the wish has been granted, Jasmine then started to inflate like a balloon with her clothing beginning to stretch. Jasmine made a worried look on her face acting like she didn't wish to literally be a balloon when she wanted to soar the skies over the city.

"Oh my gosh!" cried Jasmine as she witnessed herself expanding larger with her midriff lifting over her pants. Her pants also stretched out within her ballooned body showing not even a single rip or tear. Her hands and feet are also absorbed into her ballooned body when she was done inflating any bigger.

"I feel so huge and round right now," Jasmine frowned at not only her new big size but worried a bit about what Aladdin would do if he saw her as a blimp. "I wonder how Aladdin will react to this?"

Jasmine then began to float up into the sky and away she flew up from the palace. She passed through a couple of clouds and then took flight like how it happened during the song, "A Whole New World" when flying on the magic carpet. She passed many of  

"Well this isn't too bad," Jasmine said finally letting out a good smile. "Why would I need a magic carpet if I could fly like one as a blimp?"

She continued to soar through the skies and so far, she has been enjoying her flight as time had passed. She flapped her hands happily and rolled around in the air like a floating soccer ball.

"You know, this is actually not a bad wish," Jasmine giggled. "One of these days, I'll fly Aladdin instead of having the both of us ride on a magic carpet.

As time went on, Jasmine eventually had enough fun of flying away from Agrabah and the desert where the Cave of Wonders used to be. She wanted to return to the palace but all she had to do is say the magic word as usual.

"I wish for myself to deflate back to normal and return to the palace," Jasmine said.

The words she said summoned Genie and he appeared once again.

"Is that your second wish, Your Majesty?" Genie smiled confidently like he's anticipated to grant the princess's second wish.

"Genie, I wish for you to deflate me back to my regular size!" Jasmine commanded.

The Genie did what she told him to do and granted her wish. Jasmine opened her mouth by the power of the wish and began to deflate by expelling all the air of her body. She whooshed around and around in the sky doing loop-de-loops at a rapid speed. After she lost all her air, she made a soft landing right back onto her balcony by landing on her behind and felt a little dizzy from all the spinning in the air.

"Boy, what a ride..." Jasmine said still dizzy with her head being circled by miniature Sultans on carpets saying, "Have a cracker, have a cracker."

"But this was the best flight I ever had," Jasmine laughed after snapping back to her senses. "I must go check on Aladdin and see how he's doing."

Jasmine left her room to look for where Aladdin is so she can tell him about what she did during her day. It was quite a thrilling chase for her to be a floating blimp of Agrabah indeed.
Jasmine wished to fly around the deserted city of Agrabah by becoming a blimp after getting her wish granted by Genie.

Pic. originally drawn by :icon7percy7:

Jasmine © Disney
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That was amazing! :D
Great job, my friend!
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Thanks a bunch! :bow:
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