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On a perfect day to go shopping, Hannah headed to a mall to find anything cool she wants to buy. She first went to a clothing store to look for what kind of clothes she's thinking about getting.

"The first thing I want to look for is panties," Hannah said. "I bet they have a pretty good selection here."

Hannah headed towards the underwear section and browsed through many panties. As she continued to look, she somehow found a kind of unique panties that have a hidden lump.

"I've never seen these kinds of panties before," Hannah said inquisitively and inspected the lump inside the panties. "But I'll be happy to buy these and see what they can do!"

After making a decisive choice, she grabbed the pair of panties off the shelf and went to the checkout aisle. She paid for the item and left the mall in a hurry that she can't wait to try them on soon.

Hannah returned to her house and went into her bedroom to change out of her underwear. She put the ones she had bought from the mall and checked herself out in the mirror like a supermodel.

"These panties look cute on me," Hannah giggled as she spun around like a top. "Let's see what happens if I press this soft lump here."

She found the lump someplace and pressed it. Upon activation, her panties began to inflate like a balloon.

"Oh my goodness!" cried Hannah as she watched her panties inflating. "This is something I have never seen before but this is so cool!"

After Hannah's panties were done inflating, they are now the size of a small bean bag chair. Hannah smiled as she was very happy with what she bought from the mall.

"So these are how ballooned panties are like," Hannah said as she patted her ballooned bottom. "I wonder if I can bounce on these?" she continued and is curious to find out if she can bounce on her ballooned panties.

Hannah started to jump on her bottom to see if she could bounce like a bouncing ball on her inflated panties. With every bounce, she started to laugh and giggle as she began to enjoy the fun.

"Like a kangaroo!" Hannah laughed while still bouncing on her ballooned panties. "Jump, jump, jumpity, jump, jump!"

As time went on, Hannah then bounced around every single room in her house. She's having so much joy that she could never went to stop. That is until she eventually began to wear herself out from all the bouncing.

"Gosh, I am so beat," Hannah said drowsily knowing that perhaps it is time to catch forty winks or so. "All this bouncing sure did wear me out," she added and plopped herself onto the couch and lied down.

"But I had so much fun with my new ballooned panties," she smiled as she got comfortable on the couch.

She closed her eyes and dozed off as she began her peaceful nap. She had a wonderful time after she bought herself the inflated panties that made her day more enjoyable.
Hannah bought these panties that can inflate like a balloon and had a fun time wearing them today.

Pic. © :iconambipucca:

© Me
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