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Hannah and Elena are hanging out as they are having a girl's day out together. To start off their outing, they decided to go to a clothes store to try out some fashion clothing.

"What do you think you'll find today, Elena?" Hannah asked.

"Oh, I'm thinking about cutesy type of fashion to fit my style," Elena replied with a smile.

"Well you are cute indeed," Hannah replied.

"Why thank you very much, Hannah," Elena blushed. "You are cute too you know."

Hannah smiled back at the compliment as they browsed through many dresses, skirts and other type of clothes until the two different blue colored suits caught their attention. Hannah and Elena both saw the 1971 Violet Beauregarde's outfit that comes with the red belt and the 2005 tracksuit in a sky-blue coloring.

"Do you think what I think these are, Elena?" Hannah asked.

"Could they be the real Violet Beauregarde's outfits from the 1971 and 2005 films?" Elena answered.

"Ding, ding, ding!" Hannah winked as made a ringing sound like a bell. "I think we should definitely buy these."

"No wonder blue is my favorite color," Elena giggled. "Let's go buy them, Hannah," she added.

Hannah and Elena skipped out on browsing around more clothes the moment they got the two Violet Beauregarde suits and headed towards the cashier. Hannah paid for the two suits as the two girls have left the clothes store.

"Want to come to my house to try them on, Elena?" Hannah asked while holding the two suits.

"Of course, Hannah" Elena nodded with a yes. "I want to try on the 2005 tracksuit though because Violet in that one had blonde hair."

"Then I'll put on the 1971 one then because of my brown hair," Hannah giggled.

The two girls made their way towards Hannah's house and quickly went inside to change out their clothes to put on the Violet Beauregarde suits. Hannah dressed up in the 1971 outfit while Elena changed out into the 2005 one. The girls both checked out the mirror and much to their satisfaction, they thought they look very cute in them.

"I look so cute in this tracksuit," Elena twirled around like a ballerina.

"This 1971 suit hits the spot for me," Hannah said. "Now the most important piece for wearing these suits are the pieces of gum to make us into blueberries," she said as she held up the two three-course dinner gum pieces.

"You are very correct Hannah," Elena agreed. "Otherwise it would be pointless if we didn't become blueberries like Violet did."

"Here you go, Elena," Hannah said handing out one of the two pieces to Elena. "This is going to be so exciting!"

"You bet Hannah," Elena winked. "I'm going to be a very huge 10 ft. blueberry while you're going to be a bit smaller than me," she added with a giggle with Hannah laughing along.

"On my count," Hannah said as she put the gum close to her mouth along with Elena. "3, 2, 1..... GO!"

Both Hannah and Elena put the gums into their mouths and began chewing. They kept chewing and chewing as they could taste the flavors like tomato soup and roast beef with baked potatoes. The more the two girls continued to chew, they both started to turn blue to start with.

"This is the most marvelous thing we've ever tasted, Elena," Hannah smiled.

"I agree," Elena replied. "Boy, whoever added all these flavors are such geniuses."

Eventually, they both started to expand with Hannah and Elena growing bigger and rounder into giant round blueberries. Hannah's and Elena's breasts then started to grow bigger like they are giant round pillows and their hands and feet have now sunk deep into their blueberry bodies Elena's upper part of her tracksuit lifted up causing her bare belly to be exposed.

The two girls kept growing until Elena almost touched the ceiling with her head and Hannah being a bit smaller compared to Elena's huge 10 ft. size in diameter.

"I'm a giant 10 ft. blueberry now!" Elena laughed as she flapped her hands and rolled a bit.

"Becoming a blueberry never gets old," chuckled Hannah as she flapped her hands and kicked her sunken feet a bit.

Hannah and Elena rolled around the room for a bit and then bumped their blueberry bodies against each other's. They both smiled at each other and felt like they had the most wonderful time of being blueberries together.
Hannah and Elena found the 1971 and the 2005 Violet Beaurgarde outfits and bought them to try them out together with Hannah in the 1971 suit and Elena in the 2005 tracksuit.

Pic. © :iconspeedster92:

Hannah and Elena 
© Me
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