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Today on a fine summer day, Hannah is merrily skipping down a path like a little kid. She wondered if anything was going to happen on this fine day.

"I wonder what could happen today?" Hannah pondered a bit. "Maybe something will come up when the time's right."

She continued on going down the path and closed her eyes for a moment. All of a sudden, she eventually bumped into something soft and fell down onto the ground with her bottom.

"Oof!" Hannah yelped and found herself sitting on the ground.

A large fat cat in a business attire clothing and glasses peered down her belly and saw Hannah from below. The large cat's name is Miss Thunder Thighs; she is a feline teacher who teaches students at high school.

"Are you alright down there, little lady?" Miss Thunder Thighs said peering down through her huge belly.

"Yes," Hannah said getting up and dusting off her skirt. "Thank you for asking," she added but then beamed up to Miss Thunder Thighs. "Wow! You are like a very huge kitty!"

"Why yes I am," Miss Thunder Thighs replied. "I am Miss Thunder Thighs. Who are you?"

"My name is Hannah," Hannah smiled. "How are you doing today?"

"Well I'm out here getting some fresh air. What about you?"

"The same thing too as well," giggled Hannah.

Miss Thunder Thighs let out a smile as she took out an air tank she secretly stashed in one of her folds. She inserted the hose right into Hannah's mouth and turned it on.

"Mmmmfff!" muffled Hannah and watched herself get blown up into a giant blimp.

Miss Thunder Thighs clutched her hands together and watched Hannah inflating bigger and rounder. Hannah then flipped over with her long brown hair going down and her skirt getting smaller causing her white panties to expose.

When Hannah became the size of a giant weather balloon in a hot balloon size, Miss Thunder Thighs pulled the air hose away from her mouth. After the hose came out of Hannah's mouth, she almost flew away but Miss Thunder Thighs managed to catch her foot.

"Aren't you a cute Hannah balloon?" Miss Thunder Thighs smiled. "I need to carry a balloon around," she added and tied a string around Hannah's foot.

Miss Thunder Thighs then walked around carrying Hannah around while Hannah floats in the air flapping her arms as if she's feeling like a bird.

"How's the weather up there, Hannah?" Miss Thunder Thighs asked.

"So far it's good up here," Hannah laughed. "I feel like a balloon that is being carried away on a string," she added as she flapped her hands as if she's like a bird.

As time went on, it was time for Hannah to come down as she took a deep breath and expelled all the air out. She whooshed around in the air rapidly at a faster speed as Miss Thunder Thighs watched her deflate.

When Hannah completely deflated, she was up high in the sky and fell down like if a boulder was dropped.

"Help! Somebody save me!" cried Hannah as she looked down at the surface.

Fortunately, Miss Thunder Thighs came to the rescue as she lied down on her back to try to catch Hannah with her huge belly which then Hannah landed on top of her.

"Oof!" Hannah yelped as she bounced on Miss Thunder Thighs' belly. "Thank you for catching me big kitty," she added.

"Don't mention it," Miss Thunder Thighs said and patted her head gently.

Hannah climbed off Miss Thunder Thighs' belly and gave her a nice big hug which made the big cat smile at her.

"I had a wonderful day today, Miss," Hannah said. "It was a pleasure meeting you. Hope I get to see you again!"

"Same here, Hannah," Miss Thunder Thighs replied. "Hope you can become a student in my class one day."

"Sounds like fun!" Hannah replied. "I shall see about doing that!"

They went their own separate ways as Miss Thunder Thighs went back to her classroom to check on paperwork and grade the other students their assignments. Meanwhile, Hannah went on home and felt happy that she got to meet a giant fat cat for the first time ever.
A story about my female persona Hannah meeting :iconrobot001:'s OC, Miss Thunder Thighs.

Pic. and Miss Thunder Thighs © :iconrobot001:

© Me
AmazingSuper27 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Good story
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Thanks a bunch.
AmazingSuper27 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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