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Before Elena was getting ready for bed, she slipped onto her blue pajamas with flowers. She let out a cute yawn to know that she needed some beauty sleep.

"Hope I get a goodnight sleep tonight," she said sleepily and plopped onto her bed quietly.

She then snuggled up into her blankets and started to sleep peacefully. During her slumber, a small puffy cloud would appear with the letter Z repeating in a pattern.

Sometime later, she began to inflate like a balloon in her sleep. Her pajamas stretched wider as she grew into an enormous spherical ball. Her hands including her feet have now sunk deep into her ballooned body as if she was in a quicksand.

Much to her luck, there was not a single rip or tear on her brand new pajamas. She already bought it with her allowance because she thought the blue roses looked cute.

By the time she had done expanding into a large blue ball, she began to roll off out of her bed and out of her bedroom.

"So I keep rolling like an old banjo," Elena sung in her sleep. "Free and easy down the road I go..."

Unaware of her being a giant blue ball, she continued to sleep the night away until the morning light shone over her face causing her to wake up.

"Hmm?" Elena said groggily as she began to open her eyes. "Is it morning already?"

She attempted to rub her eyes after letting out a cute yawn but couldn't due to her hands being out of reach as she could only flap them.

Now that she was awake, Elena found herself being a giant blue ball and felt shocked like somebody pulled a prank on her while she was sleeping.

"How in the world did I become this huge?" Elena said having a worried look on her face. "I never knew this kind of pajamas blow you up this big in your sleep," she added as she rolled around and kicked her feet a little bit.

At first Elena was surprised of how she felt like she had a rude awakening but then realized it wasn't so bad being an inflated ball after all.
Unbeknownst to Elena, she blew up into a big blue ball in her sleep.

Pic. © :iconkurofusen:

© Me
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