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Elena is in her bedroom relaxing on her bed feeling bored. She wondered what she wanted to do today but couldn't think of anything and reminiscence about her previous experiences of her being inflated into a balloon and such.

"What am I going to day today?" Elena said while looking up to the ceiling. "There must be something I want to do with Pepper but I can't think of anything off hand."

She got up from her bed and walked out of her room. She then noticed a piece of candy sitting on an end table out in the living room. She advanced towards the candy and picked it up to examine it.

"What's this piece of candy doing here?" Elena said while inspecting the delectable item. "This looks like some sort of an unusual piece of candy I've ever seen. I have a sweet tooth for one anyways," she added as she tossed the candy into her mouth.

Elena then chewed the candy inside her mouth and gulped it down. It tasted like it had an enigmatic flavor which deviates from most common candy flavors.

"This candy tasted like something I've never felt before," Elena smiled. "But it wasn't like a three-course dinner gum though."

Suddenly, her body then started to bloat upon activation of the mysterious candy's effect. Elena then expanded wider a bit as she then began to grow taller like she had a major growth spurt. She then felt a strange essence of a blue magic aura surrounding her thus indicating that the power of the candy's been unleashed after consuming it.

"What the heck is happening here?!" cried Elena much to her horror of her expanding. "I bet this piece of candy had something to do with this weird bloating!" she added as she kept growing bigger and taller. Her dress had gotten smaller whilst her white panties then started to show and stretch within her giant bottom-heavy body.

She continued growing at the point to where she became too big and wide for her small house. Her head touched the ceiling with a creaking sound and then suddenly... CRASH! Her house went into shambles with the debris laying out from the destruction.

"Oh no!" cried Elena as she put both of her hands on her cheeks. "M-M-My house! Where am I going to live now? I can even barely see my feet!" she whimpered.

By the time she was done growing, Elena was now a giant as big as a titan in a bottom-heavy shape. She was so huge and tall that she towered over every single building in the whole entire town.

"I must be the biggest girl in town," Elena said as she took a step causing a minor quake and cracks on the pavement. "Whoopsie doodles. I'm sure the city will have it repaired and my house rebuilt soon," she added with a giggle.
Elena found a mysterious piece of candy that causes her to bloat up real huge into a giant bottom-heavy shape causing her to break through her house.

Pic. © :iconsilver-soldier:

Elena Maxwell 
© Me
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Sweet story :D
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