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When evening came around, I was lounging in the living room and playing some Super Mario Odyssey on the Switch to kill time. Eventually, a doorbell sound is heard prompting me to get up and answer the door. I opened the door and there was a blonde-haired girl named Elena Maxwell. She was carrying a couple of her items including her blue laced pajamas with blue flowers.

"Hello, Master," Elena greeted me with a smile. "I'm looking forward to having a wonderful sleepover with you."

"Come on in, Elena," I gestured as I opened the door for her allowing her entry. "Glad you brought your cute pajamas."

"Thank you, Master," Elena replied feeling a bit shy of the compliment. "I'm going to go change so we can get this night started," she added and went to a different room to change out from her blue dress into her pajamas.

Shortly, Elena finished changing into her pajamas and came out. Not only she looked beautiful but very cute in them.

"You look so cute in them, Elena," I smiled.

"Glad that you like them," Elena giggled and blushed as she embraced me in a hug.

"Let's have fun on this night. I got a Nintendo Switch that we can play some Mario Kart 8 Deluxe if you like," I said.

"Oh you have a Nintendo Switch?!" Elena gasped in amazement. "That's so awesome, Master! Yes, let's play together!"

Time passed on as me and Elena continued to play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe as we both laughed together with all the fun we are having so far while I played as my female Mii version of me and Elena playing as Princess Peach. Suddenly, their playing came to a stop when a loud growling noise came from Elena's tummy.

"Um, Master?" Elena asked as she put down the joy-con on the coffee table and pointed towards her flat tummy. "Do you think you can feed this hungry girl?"

"Of course," I nodded with a yes. "I got lots and lots of snacks and candy for tonight," I added while I patted her head gently like a dog with her smiling in response and held my hand out for her.

Elena took my hand as I led her to the kitchen filled with lots of junk food including chips, doughnuts, pizza, candy and any other food that is part of the junk food line.

"Good thing I went to the store to buy lots of these snacks," I winked. "Plus, I even ordered some pizza."

"Mmmm... They all look yummy," Elena said drooling like a dog. "Please, Master, can I have the first dibs on the junk food?" she asked while making a puppy face.

"Of course, you can," I told her. "Ladies always go first."

"Yay!" cheered Elena as she raised her arms up and ran towards the food and then started to snack on them.

While Elena began to chow down on the candy, she dumped all the Reese's Minis Peanut Butter Cups down her mouth until the bag was empty and guzzled lots of soda until all the cans were all gone. Elena kept eating and eating as she started to grow huge and fat into an SSBBW shape with her pajamas stretching within her huge shape.

"You must very hungry, Elena," I watched in awe.

"These snacks are like oh so delicious!" cried Elena and then chomped off the doughnuts from her fingers like rings from her left and right hands.

Eventually, all the food was at last gone as they were all inside Elena's huge belly as she is now lying down on the floor groaning after being full. She is now the size of an SSBBW who looks soft like a plush.

"How was it, Elena?" I said patting her big belly. "You must have had a lot tonight."

"They were all tasty," Elena said sitting up and rubbing and patting her big belly. "I think I'm going to turn in for the night. All this eating made me feel sleepy," she added with a yawn.

"Let's go to my room," I said looking up to her with a smile. "It's probably late around after midnight," I said checking on my phone for the time.

Me and Elena go to my room while I held Elena's hand while she waddled along. Elena lied down on the bed and yawned once again.

"Would you like to sleep on top of my belly, Master?" Elena smiled as she patted a spot for me on her belly. "I feel like I'm a giant soft plush toy," she added with a cute giggle.

I climbed up onto her belly and lied down on her. She was right about her feeling like a giant plush toy as I snuggled up on her comfy belly.

"Sleep well, Master," Elena said as she put a blanket over me and her and went to sleep.

"Nighty-night, Elena," I replied as I went to sleep as well.

Throughout the night, Elena snored like a hibernating bear and breathed deeply in her sleep, making her belly inflate and deflate, making me sink into her softness that felt like I'm sleeping on top of a puffy cloud.
In this story, I invited Elena to my house for a sleepover tonight and then fed her very well as she becomes an SSBBW.

Pic. © :iconthestartraveler:

Elena Maxwell © Me
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Good Sleepover:

An occasion where at least one boy and one girl spends a night in either one's house, and the girl(s) fatten up or inflate themselves to provide a warm, soft, cuddly mattress for the boy(s) to sleep on, especially as a party for children.


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