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Elena paced around her house figuring out what to do today. She thought about exercising like jogging as she felt like she needed to lose a bit of weight she put on recently after eating some cake last night.

"I think I will go jogging today," Elena said and changed out of her dress into her blue colored tracksuit and grey colored sneakers.

Elena left her house and walked a few miles until she started to jog at a moderate speed. She continued her way into town and saw a candy store giving her the opportunity to put her feet on the brakes and stopped making a skidding sound effect like a car is coming to a complete stop.

"Ooh a candy store," Elena gasped and pressed her hands and face against the window. "I know I shouldn't buy them at this time, but for today I'll buy some gum," she added with a giggle as she walked into the store.

Elena looked around the candy store and looked down at the glass container underneath the cash register and found some blue kitty gum. She became fascinated with how cute the kitty gum looked and read that when they are blown bigger, a kitty-cat face including the ears is shown.

"I'll take lots of them, please," Elena said as she paid for the gum and hummed a merry tune as she walked out of the candy store.

After leaving the candy store, she ripped open the package of the kitty cat gum and took out one of the strips. She slipped one into her mouth like she's a vending machine that takes dollar bills and chewed on it. The kitty gum tasted like blueberries much to her delight.

"This gum tastes so wonderful like I'm eating blueberries," Elena smiled as she enjoyed the flavor. "But I need to continue on with my jogging," she added and resumed her jogging as she put the pack of gum back into her pocket.

Elena continued to jog for a while as she left the town out into the nature. All seemed fine until somehow the gum inside Elena's belly began to activate its strange power by filling her up with air like a balloon. She wasn't aware of her blowing up until she heard a hissing sound forcing her to come to a stop once again.

"Where is this hissing sound coming from?" Elena wondered and listened to the noise for a bit while chewing on her gum until she looked down and saw her belly inflating. "Oh dear! I think I'm going to blow up!" she cried as she flailed her arms frantically.

She continued to inflate bigger and rounder making her blue tracksuit stretch within her expanding larger into a giant weather balloon shape. Her hands and feet became absorbed deep into her ballooned tracksuit.

"I feel so huge and round and light as a feather," Elena whimpered as she witnessed her new ballooned shape.

The wind blew hard causing Elena to be blown away and flew away like a leaf on a blustery day.

"Whoa!" cried Elena as she flapped her hands and bounced off the ground a few times with a cartoon "boing" sound effect.

After bouncing, Elena couldn't help but let out a laugh like she's not afraid of being a bouncing balloon.

"Who needs to jog when I can bounce like a ball?" Elena giggled. "Bouncing is way more fun than jogging when you're a balloon in my opinion."

Elena then proceeded to continue her bouncing to make sure she could feel like she could bounce enough miles to feel good about her accomplishment.
During her jogging, Elena bought some kitty-cat gum and unknowingly blew up into a blimp thanks to the candy's hidden power.

Pic. © :iconthe-silver-soldier:

Elena Maxwell © Me
BittyHeart Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Such a lovely story! X3
HannahDoma Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks Bitty! :D
BittyHeart Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Sure thing! :D
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