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Elena decided to take a walk out into the forest on a bright sunny day. She left her house and headed towards her way there.

"This day is perfect for a walk around the trees," Elena inhaled and then exhaled the fresh air. "I wonder what I could find in this forest?"

What she liked about being in the forest is listening to the animals like birds chirping sweetly in the air. She wished she could live under the canopy of trees but she likes living in her own cozy house.

"Hope I don't get lost on my way back home," she said feeling a little worried. "But perhaps I could leave a trail behind," she added and snapped off a couple of twigs and placed them on the ground and made sure they are visible enough for her to see.

After Elena finished doing what she did, she continued on her way around the forest. She hummed a sweet little tune to make her feel like she's in la la land.

Eventually, she stopped humming when she came across a unique looking tree. The only difference between that one and the other normal trees is that its only growing some kind of special sky blue colored fruits like apples. The sky blue colored fruits are known to be airburst berries—the kind of berries that causes one who eats it to be a walking balloon.

"What kind of a tree is this?" Elena pondered and examined the tree. "I've seen apple trees before but not one with blue colored fruits."

Elena climbed up the tree to pluck one of the blue fruits and then clambered back down. She felt eager to eat it as a little snack after a milestone of walking.

She then opened her mouth and cupped the fruit in between her hands and took a bite on it. The fruit tasted delicious like a blueberry which she enjoyed the most and finished it off.

"That was scrumptious," Elena smiled with her eyes closed in happiness.

However, she was unaware of what the airburst berry is fully capable of. The airburst berry began to trigger its effect by causing her body to bloat up as if she's inflating like a balloon.

"Oh dear!" cried the worried Elena as she witnessed herself growing bigger. "Oh d-d-d-dear!"

She couldn't do anything but watch herself grow bigger and taller causing her dress to stretch. Her dress lifted up causing a little part of her underwear to show but the dress was lucky to not rip or tear. Her belt didn't even snap off probably it has some kind of a strength to withstand her ballooned shape.

"What kind of a fruit had the power to do that?" Elena wondered as she peered down her belly but didn't see her feet. "I look so big and tall I can't even see my own feet!"

Elena felt a little worried about what everyone would think if she were to return home in a ballooned condition. But she could only rely on Pepper, her best female friend who would think of nothing different about her.

"I wonder what my Pepper would think of this?" Elena asked. "Let's go find out," she added as she waddled her way back to town.

She followed the trail of twigs she left behind a while ago and eventually made it close to her home. Before she could go home, there was Pepper, waiting nearby the entrance.

"Omigosh Elena!" Pepper laughed as she witnessed her best friend's ballooned shape. "I see you tried out the airburst berry?"

Elena couldn't help but blush after the fact she did indeed try the airburst berry for the first time. Pepper gave her best friend a slight friendly hug on her belly as if Elena felt soft like a teddy bear.

"It tasted wonderful," Elena smiled. "Kinda like candy to me."

"I had one but it was shaped like a chili pepper," Pepper said. "But our creator has yet to write one about it soon."

"Do not fret, my dear Pepper," Elena reassured her. "I'm sure he will get to it eventually."

"You're right about that," Pepper winked and patted Elena's belly. "After all he's the best creator there is imaginable."
Now it's Elena turn to have a story about her trying out the airburst berry.

Pic. and airburst berry concept © :iconshifter124:

Elena and Pepper © Me
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