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Name: Caitlin Pridelight
Hometown: Sovaria Kingdom
Age: 18
Height: 5'3"/161 cm
Weight: 125 lbs/53 kg
Gender: Female
Eyes: Green
Hair: Light Blonde
Species: Human
Occupation: Princess Knight/Soon to be queen
Personality Traits: Headstrong, brave, courageous, protective, adventurous, kind-hearted, caring and selfless. She would never hesitate to help out anyone who holds dear to her including her people. She's very protective and won't let anybody doubt her because of her royalty status and will continue to fight for the sake and protection of those around her. She doesn't let her negative emotions get the best of her and is quick to think straight. She is easily afraid of clowns/jesters and been afraid of them since her childhood.

Likes: Training, adventures, chess, reading books, friendly spars, cats, ice-cream and tea.
Dislikes: Anyone threatening her people, clowns, rudeness from people, being doubted about her ability to fight and being treated like a child.

Attributes: Caitlin uses a spear as her favorable weapon in combat. She can perform quick jabs and spinning attacks without losing balance. She could also use her spear to pole vault over ledges and hover above her enemies to get a good advantage. When she is not fighting, she's an expert at chess and is very good at it.
Weaknesse(s): She's bad at cooking as she would have to depend on the cooks to prepare her meals. She sometimes doubts herself and loses confidence that she'll succeed to soon become the new queen.

Goal(s): Keep Sovaria safe and live up to her royal family's legacy. Become the new queen of Sovaria.

Background: Coming soon...
A bio fer my new female warrior, Caitlin Pridelight.

Pic. © :iconicarue:

Caitlin Pridelight 
© Me
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November 25, 2017
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